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  1. From 17th-century Spanish painter Diego Velázquez, who used brushstrokes reminiscent of 19th-century Impressionist painters, to trailblazer Jean-Michel Basquiat, who brought graffiti into the gallery, these artists set trends rather than follow tradition. Some, like Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, specialized in murals and, in the ...

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    • Pablo Picasso. Birth Year: 1881. Death Year: 1973. Nationality: Spanish (later became a French citizen) Art Movement: Cubism, Surrealism, Modernism. Subject Matter: Varied, including portraits, still life, landscapes, social and political commentary, mythology, and abstraction.
    • Diego Velázquez. Birth Year: 1599. Death Year: 1660. Nationality: Spanish. Art Movement: Baroque. Subject Matter: Portraits, historical and mythological scenes, genre paintings, court life, and religious themes.
    • Clara Ledesma. Birth Year: 1924. Death Year: 1999. Nationality: Dominican. Art Movement: Realism. Subject Matter: Dominican Culture. Notable Works: Girl With Bird.
    • Frida Kahlo. Birth Year: 1907. Death Year: 1954. Nationality: Mexican. Art Movement: Surrealism, Mexican Modernism. Subject Matter: Self-portraits, personal experiences, Mexican culture, feminism, pain, and national identity.
    • Amelia Peláez (Cuba, 1896 – 1968) Born in Cuba, Amelia Peláez studied art in Paris and is best known for her European Modernist paintings that depict the everyday people of Cuba.
    • Beatriz González (Colombia 1938 – Lives and Works in Colombia) Born in Colombia, Beatríz González is a painter, sculptor, art critic, curator and art historian, best known for her bright and colorful Pop Art paintings that illustrate life in Colombia.
    • Belkis Ayón (Cuba 1967 – 1999) The highly talented Cuban artist Belkis Ayón died a premature death, but she left a great body of work, mostly of prints made using a specialized printmaking process called collagraphy, which combines printmaking techniques with collage.
    • Carmen Herrera (Cuba 1915 – 2022) Carmen Herrera lived to be over 100 years old. Born in Cuba, she moved to New York early in her career and became famous for her bold and colorful Geometric Abstraction paintings, which she still exhibits around the world today.
  3. Jun 27, 2021 · Learn about the lives and careers of the most famous Hispanic artists and painters, along with a spotlight on famous Latina artists.

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  4. Nov 18, 2019 · This list of artists reveals that many of the groundbreaking, influential artists from Latin America in the 20th century were not tethered to the region but, in fact, incredibly global. They traveled to Europe, North America, and, in some cases, African countries.

  5. 1. Pablo Picasso. Renowned for his innovative and distinct style the Spanish painter, sculptor, writer, stage designer, and ceramicist is one of the greatest painters of all time.

  6. These parodies have a dual aim by referencing Latin American artistic and cultural heritage while also criticizing the legacy of European cultural imperialism in Latin American states. Fernando Botero and Alberto Gironella are two well-known painters that used this approach regularly.

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