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  1. Are there any billionaires that have not gone to ivy league schools? Richard Branson, $5BB, 66, no college Michael Dell, $20.4BB, 51, University of Texas Mark Cuban, $3.3BB, Indiana University Larry Ellison, $48.4BB, University of Chicago

  2. These two guys grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and didn’t go to college. They ended up getting into the bicycle craze at the end of the 19 th century and opened a bicycle shop. They were following their passion for bicycles. Then they got increasingly more and more fascinated by gliders. Gliders were showing that people could fly.

  3. › 2020/04/11 › bill-gross-biographyBill Gross Biography - Brooksy

    • A “Seminal Moment”
    • Early Life
    • United States Navy
    • Launching Pimco

    U.S. Navy Ensign Bill Gross was serving the dreaded “midwatch” shift aboard the USS Diachenko when at 2:00 am, he noticed a gargantuan freighter on a direct collision course with his 306-foot amphibious transport ship. He points out that “tankers set their controls on automatic pilot during the midnight hours, so the approaching ship wasn’t about t...

    Before he was dodging oil tankers in the vast Pacific ocean, Bill Gross was born in Middletown, Ohio on April 13th, 1944. His father, Sewell “Dutch” Gross, worked as a sales executive for AK Steel Holding – an American steel producer which sold primarily to the automotive industry. Bill’s mother, Shirley, looked after their home.

    October of 1966 came around and Gross was in Pensacola, Fla., beginning a 12-week officer candidate school. He compared this period of time to hell. One Marine drill sergeant even told him he’d never make it through flight school. That hurt Gross, he tried to explain he was more conceptual than detail-oriented. The drill instructor assured him, “a ...

    After returning stateside from the Navy, Gross knew he couldn’t return to his life of Las Vegas gambling. However, his time spent at the blackjack tables did instill in him mathematical skill, an obsessive work ethic, and a sense that he could be the system. In fortuitous fashion, Gross got his hands on Edward Thorpe’s second book, Beat the Market,...

  4. Jul 30, 2006 · Highly Academic, Highly Socially Awkward People (Come on, you know a few...) thebillsfan 237 replies 85 threads Member July 2006 edited August 2006 in College Confidential Cafe

  5. Answer (1 of 2): What kind of people are not fit for college? The one’s who aren’t smart enough—which is the majority of those who go today. There is a powerful clique in the US that incessantly hammers home the credo that there is “only one way to succeed—college.”

  6. Jun 26, 2022 · the cleveland torso murderer (also known as the mad butcher of kingsbury run) was an unidentified serial killer who was active in cleveland, ohio, united states in the 1930s sometimes, it's downright dark a speeding driver crashed into scaffolding in brooklyn and died, police said sunday the murder of deaonte fisher on march 4, 2016 stay tuned …

  7. Jul 31, 2021 · One of those reacting was Jack Jones who was motivated by the criticism to put together the video he shot last year while serving as a highly skilled firefighter on the Idaho-based Sawtooth...

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