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  1. The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is an American conservative and libertarian legal organization that advocates for a textualist and originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Headquartered in Washington D.C., it has chapters at more than 200 American law schools and features student, lawyer, and faculty divisions. The lawyers division comprises more than 70,000 practicing attorneys in ninety cities. Through speaking events, lectures, and other activities, it pro

    • Founding

      Founded in 1982 by students at Yale Law School, Harvard Law...

    • Background

      The society looks to Federalist Paper Number 78 for an...

    • Methods and influence

      The Federalist Society has 200 student chapters at law...

  2. La Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, le plus souvent appelée la Federalist Society, est une organisation conservatrice et libertarienne qui préconise une interprétation textualiste et originaliste de la Constitution des États-Unis. Fondée en 1982, c'est l'une des organisations juridiques les plus influentes du pays 2, 3, 4, 5 .

    • 20 415 064 dollars américains ( 2017)
    • Washington D.C.
  3. Die Federalist Society ist eine US-amerikanische Juristenvereinigung der konservativen und libertären Strömungen, die sich für eine textualistische und originalistische Auslegung der Verfassung der Vereinigten Staaten einsetzt. Die Organisation wurde 1982 gegründet und ist eine der einflussreichsten Rechtsorganisationen des Landes.

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    • Rise
    • Effects of Foreign Affairs
    • Whiskey Rebellion
    • Newspaper Editors at War
    • Adams Administration: 1797–1801
    • Election of 1800
    • Federalists in Opposition
    • Opposition to The War of 1812
    • Interpretations
    • Electoral History

    Upon taking office in 1789, President Washington nominated his wartime chief of staff Alexander Hamilton to the new office of Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton wanted a strong national government with financial credibility. Hamilton proposed the ambitious Hamiltonian economic program that involved assumption of the state debts incurred during the...

    International affairs—the French Revolution and the subsequent war between royalist Britain and republican France—decisively shaped American politics in 1793–1800 and threatened to entangle the nation in wars that "mortally threatened its very existence". The French revolutionaries guillotined King Louis XVI in January 1793, and subsequently declar...

    The excise tax of 1791 caused grumbling from the frontier including threats of tax resistance. Corn, the chief crop on the frontier, was too bulky to ship over the mountains to market unless it was first distilled into whiskey. This was profitable as the United States population consumed per capita relatively large quantities of liquor. After the e...

    The spoils system helped finance Federalist printers until 1801 and Republican editors after that. Federalist Postmasters General, Timothy Pickering (1791–94) and Joseph Habersham (1795–1801) appointed and removed local postmastersto maximize party funding. Numerous printers were appointed as postmasters. They did not deliver the mail, but they did...

    Hamilton distrusted Vice President Adams—who felt the same way about Hamilton—but was unable to block his claims to the succession. The election of 1796 was the first partisan affair in the nation's history and one of the more scurrilous in terms of newspaper attacks. Adams swept New England and Jefferson the South, with the middle states leaning t...

    Adams's peace moves proved popular with the Federalist rank and file and he seemed to stand a good chance of re-election in 1800. If the Three-Fifths Compromisehad not been enacted, he most likely would have won reelection since many Federalist legislatures removed the right to select electors from their constituents in fear of a Democratic victory...

    Fisher Ames (1758–1808) of Massachusetts ranks as one of the more influential figures of his era. Ames led Federalist ranks in the House of Representatives. His acceptance of the Bill of Rights garnered support in Massachusetts for the new Constitution. His greatest fame came as an orator who defined the principles of the Federalist Party and the f...

    The War of 1812 went poorly for the Americans for two years. Even though Britain was concentrating its military efforts on its war with Napoleon, the United States still failed to make any headway on land and was effectively blockaded at sea by the Royal Navy. The British raided and burned Washington, 1814 and sent a force to capture New Orl...

    Intellectually, Federalists were profoundly devoted to liberty. As Samuel Eliot Morison explained, they believed that liberty is inseparable from union, that men are essentially unequal, that vox populi ("voice of the people") is seldom if ever vox Dei ("the voice of God") and that sinister outside influences are busy undermining American integrity...

    Congressional representation

    The affiliation of many Congressmen in the earliest years is an assignment by later historians. The parties were slowly coalescing groups; at first there were many independents. Cunningham noted that only about a quarter of the House of Representatives up until 1794 voted with Madison as much as two-thirds of the time and another quarter against him two-thirds of the time, leaving almost half as fairly independent.

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  6. Federalist Societyyn kuului vuonna 2018 sen oman arvion mukaan yli 65 000 jäsentä. Järjestön tulot olivat vuonna 2017 yhteensä noin 20,4 miljoonaa ja menot 18,2 miljoonaa Yhdysvaltain dollaria. Federalist Societyn perusti vuonna 1982 Steven G. Calabresi, joka tuolloin opiskeli oikeustieteitä Yalen yliopistossa. Myöhemmin organisaation toiminta on laajentunut lähes kaikille Yhdysvaltain oikeustieteitä opettaville yliopistokampuksille.

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