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    Felipe Gonzáles Calderón y Roca, also known as Felipe G. Calderon (April 4, 1868 – June 6, 1908) was a Filipino lawyer, politician, and intellectual, known as the "Father of the Malolos Constitution

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    Felipe Gonzáles Calderón y Roca, fue un abogado, político e intelectual filipino de lengua española, conocido como el "padre de la Constitución de Malolos Índice 1 Biografía

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    Felipe Calderón was born in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico on 18 August 1962. He is the youngest of five brothers and son of Carmen Hinojosa Calderón and the late Luis Calderón Vega. His father was a co-founder of the National Action Party and an important political figure. The elder Calderón occupied state posts and served a term as federal deputy. He spent most of his life working within the party and spent most of his free time promoting the PAN. The young Calderón was active in his father's campaigns. As a boy, he distributed party pamphlets and flyers, rode PAN campaign vehicles and chanted slogans at rallies. After growing up in Morelia, Calderón moved to Mexico City, where he received a bachelor's degree in law from the Escuela Libre de Derecho. Later, he received a master's degree in economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) and a Master of Public Administration degree in 2000 from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Following...

    Calderón was president of the PAN's youth movement in his early twenties. He was a local representative in the Legislative Assembly and, on two different occasions, in the federal Chamber of Deputies. He ran for the governorship of Michoacánin 1995 and served as national president of the PAN from 1996 to 1999. During his tenure, his party maintained control of 14 state capitals, but also faced a reduced presence in the federal Chamber of Deputies. Soon after Vicente Fox took office as president, Calderón was appointed director of Banobras, a state-owned development bank. He was accused by political opponents of committing abuse, disputing use of certain legal procedures to finance property valued between three and five million Mexican pesos (between US$300,000 and $500,000);however, once political objections arose, he used other means to formalize his transaction. He joined the presidential cabinet as Secretary of Energy, replacing Ernesto Martens. He left the post in May 2004 in pr...

    Members of his party chose him as the PAN presidential candidate. In a series of three primary elections, he defeated the favored former Secretary of the Interiorunder President Vicente Fox, and thus the election of Calderón as party candidate surprised many analysts. The PAN pointed to his competitive primary election as a sign of internal democracy. In other major parties, there was one candidate or all strong candidates but one were eliminated. Calderón's campaign gained momentum after the first presidential debate. Subsequent poll numbers put him ahead of López Obrador from March to May; some polls favored him by as much as 9 percentage points. This trend in his favor was contained after the second presidential debate when López Obrador decided to start joining the debates. Final poll numbers days ahead of the results indicated that his opponent's prior lead had shrunk further; some polls gave López Obrador the lead, while others favored Calderón and still others indicated a tec...


    The Mexican Constitution states that the President must be inaugurated by taking the oath of office before Congress in the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies. The PRD opposition had threatened to not allow Calderón to take the oath of office and be inaugurated as president. Ahead of claims that the PRD would disrupt the precedings, the PAN took control of Congress's main floor three days before the inauguration was scheduled. On 30 November 2006, outgoing President Vicente Fox Quesada and s...

    Domestic policy

    During his first months of government, President Calderón took several actions, such as introducing the Tortilla Price Stabilization Pactand a cap on the salaries of public servants, described politically as "seeking to fulfill a campaign promise to incorporate the agenda of election rival Andrés Manuel López Obrador into his government." Calderón created the largest number of universities (96) in the history of Mexico. He was also the only president who granted full coverage and a secure spo...

    Security policy

    Despite imposing a cap on salaries of high-ranking public servants, Calderón ordered a raise on the salaries of the Federal Police and the Mexican Armed Forceson his first day as president. Calderón's government also ordered massive raids on drug cartels upon assuming office in December 2006 in response to an increasingly deadly spate of violence in his home state of Michoacán. The decision to intensify drug enforcement operations has led to an ongoing conflictbetween the federal government a...

    Post-election controversy

    On 2 July 2006, the day of the election, the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) called the race was too close to call and chose not to publish a large and well-designed exit poll. The IFE called on the candidates to abstain from pronouncing themselves as winner, president-elect, or president. Both candidates disobeyed this call. First PRD candidate López Obradordeclared that he had won the election, and soon thereafter Calderón proclaimed victory as well, pointing to the initial figures releas...


    During his tenure as president, there were numerous reports in the Mexican media alleging that Calderón was an alcoholic, based on speeches and public appearances in which the President seemed to be drunk, slurring his words or making bizarre statements.On 2 February 2011, opposition lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies displayed a banner reading: "Would you let a drunk drive your car? No, right? So why let one run your country?". The next day, journalist Carmen Aristeguireported on the incid...

    U.S. espionage scandal

    On 10 July 2013, Mexican newspaper Excélsior ran an article on its website revealing that the Calderón administration authorized in February 2007 the installation of an interception system by the United States Department of State to analyse, process and store phone calls, e-mails and other internet services with the purpose of helping Calderón administration to fight organized crime and narcotraffic, in the context of the Mérida Initiative. The scandal remained largely ignored by the Peña adm...

    Throughout his office, Calderón has been awarded several honors from foreign nations. 1. Belize: 1.1. Order of Belize 2. Brazil: 2.1. Grand Collar of the National Order of the Southern Cross(7 August 2007) 3. Chile: 3.1. Collar of the Order of the Merit of Chile 4. Denmark: 4.1. Knight of the Order of the Elephant(18 February 2008) 5. El Salvador: 5.1. Grand Cross of the National Order of Doctor José Matías Delgado(4 March 2008) 6. Guatemala: 6.1. Collar of the Order of the Quetzal(27 July 2011) 7. Spain: 7.1. Knight of the Collar of the Order of Isabella the Catholic(6 June 2008) 7.2. Collar of the Order of Civil Merit(15 November 2012) 8. United Kingdom: 8.1. Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath(30 March 2009)

    (in Spanish) Office of the President of Mexico site
    (in Spanish) Extended biography by CIDOB Foundation
  4. Felipe Calderon (advocaat) - Wikipedia › wiki › Felipe_Calderon_y_Roca

    Felipe G. Calderon (Santa Cruz de Malabon, 4 april 1868 - Manilla, 8 juli 1908) was een Filipijns advocaat en nationalist. Samen met Apolinario Mabini stelde hij de eerste Filipijnse Grondwet op, die gebruikt werd tijdens Filipijnse revolutie door de revolutionaire regering onder leiding van Emilio Aguinaldo.

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    Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Este artículo trata del escritor y político histórico filipino. Para el presidente de México vea Felipe Calderón. Felipe Calderón y Roca

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    Calderón nació en Morelia, Michoacán, el 18 de agosto de 1962; hijo de Luis Calderón Vega y Carmen Hinojosa Calderón. Tiene 4 hermanos: Luisa María(senadora de la República), Luis Gabriel (médico), Juan Luis (diputado federal LV Legislatura) y María del Carmen. Fue en el Partido Acción Nacional donde Calderón conoció a su esposa, Margarita Zavala. Tiene tres hijos, María, Luis Felipe y Juan Pablo. Antes de ser presidente de México, vivió en la Colonia Las Águilas, al sur de la Ciudad de México, donde vive actualmente. Calderón es abogado egresado de la Escuela Libre de Derecho (1987). Obtuvo la maestría en economía en el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM),[26]​ así como la maestría en administración pública (MPA) por la Escuela de Gobierno John F. Kennedy de la Universidad de Harvard en los Estados Unidos.[27]​

    Calderón fue elegido candidato del Partido Acción Nacional en una elección interna a finales de 2005. En ellas derrotó al exsecretario de Gobernación, Santiago Creel, y al exgobernador de Jalisco, Alberto Cárdenas Jiménez, con un muy amplio margen. Calderón aceptó la nominación de su partido el 4 de diciembre de 2005, y comenzó oficialmente su campaña en enero de 2006.

    Su primer acto como presidente [40]​ fue el nombramiento de los secretarios de Gobernación, Defensa nacional, Seguridad Pública y Marina. El 1 de diciembre a la medianoche, habiéndolo anunciado pocas horas antes, se llevó a cabo una inusitada “ceremonia de transferencia de poderes”[41]​ ante las cámaras de televisión y en cadena nacional, asistiendo además el presidente saliente Vicente Fox, y los gabinetes entrante y saliente. Posteriormente, a las 9:45 horas, tras una tormentosa sesión en el Congreso y luego de ríspidas negociaciones entre las bancadas panistas y perredistas, Felipe Calderón y Vicente Fox entraron a la fuerza al Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro[42]​ en medio de un ambiente crispado para así llevar a cabo la toma de protesta que establece la Constitución. A las 9:50 horas del 1 de diciembre del 2006, tras fuertes medidas de seguridad y con Diputados del PAN sobre la Tribuna, y en medio de protestas y pitidos de silbatos de parte de Diputados de la Bancada del PRD,...


    A lo largo de su presidencia, Calderón ha sido galardonado con varios honores de naciones extranjeras. 1. Orden del Quetzal, Collar, otorgado por el presidente de Guatemala, Álvaro Colom, en su visita de estado a México, el 27 de julio de 2011. 2. Orden del Baño, Caballero de honor, Gran Cruz, otorgado por la reina Isabel II del Reino Unido en la visita del estado de Felipe Calderón al Reino Unido, 30 de marzo de 2009. 3. Caballero de Gran Cruz con Collar de la Orden del Mérito Civil, otorgad...


    1. Premio a la Excelencia en Liderazgo del Estado de la WEF, Foro Económico Mundial, enero de 2012[108]​[109]​ 2. People Who Mattered por la revista Time, en 2010.[110]​ 3. The World's 50 Most Influential Figures 2010 por la revista británica New Statesman, septiembre de 2010[111]​ 4. Premios Bravo Business al Líder del Año, Latin Trade, octubre de 2009.[112]​ 5. Leader of the Year, por la Latin Business Chronicle, 17 de diciembre de 2007.[113]​ 6. Presidente Honorario de la Comisión Global d...

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    Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa (phát âm tiếng Tây Ban Nha: [feˈlipe kaldeˈɾon] (); sinh ngày 18 tháng 8 năm 1962) là tổng thống thứ 56 của México. Ông nhậm chức vào ngày 1 tháng 12 năm 2006, và giữ một nhiệm kì sáu năm cho đến năm 2012. Ông là một thành viên của Đảng Hành động Quốc gia (PAN), một trong ba chính đảng chính ...

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    definición de Felipe Calderon y Roca y sinónimos de Felipe Calderon y Roca (español), antónimos y red semántica multilingüe (traductores por 37 lenguas)

  9. Lo blanco y lo negro del sexenio de Felipe Calderón ... › 2911 › mexico

    Los hechos que marcaron los seis años de gobierno de Felipe Calderón transitaron entre la relativa estabilidad macroeconómica y las consecuencias sociales del combate al narcotráfico.

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