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    Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (11 December 1935 – 5 April 2012), nicknamed "Butzi", son of Ferry Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, was a German designer whose best known product was the first Porsche 911. While his grandfather and father were both engineers, he was more involved in working out the appearance of a product. He never thought ...

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    Ferdinand Porsche (3 September 1875 – 30 January 1951) was an Austrian-German automotive engineer and founder of the Porsche car company. He is best known for creating the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle (Lohner-Porsche), the Volkswagen Beetle, the Auto Union racing car, the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK, several other important developments and Porsche automobiles.

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    The team to lay out the body shell design was led by Ferry Porsche's eldest son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (F. A.). The design phase for the 911 caused internal problems with Erwin Komenda, who led the body design department until then. F. A. Porsche complained Komenda made unauthorized changes to the design.

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  5. Ferry Porsche - Wikipedia › wiki › Ferdinand_Anton_Ernst_Porsche

    Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (who was also nicknamed "Butzi") and Ferdinand Porsche's nephew took charge on designing the new model. The first units were manufactured in 1962. However, Peugeot pushed legally for a change of the name, due to its registered trademark on automobile names with a zero amid two numbers .

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    The Porsche 911 (originally 901) is just one example of the many objects Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed throughout his career, supposedly off the simple principle that "If you analyze the function of an object its form often becomes obvious." The Design Studio was relocated to Zell am See, Austria, in 1974.

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    Talk:Ferdinand Alexander Porsche Jump to ... The Free Image Search Tool may be able to locate suitable images on Flickr and other web sites. Pic

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    Apr 05, 2012 · Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was born in Stuttgart on 11 December 1935, the oldest son of Dorothea and Ferry Porsche.Even his childhood was shaped by cars, and he spent much of his time in the engineering offices and development workshops of his grandfather Ferdinand Porsche.

  9. The Philosophy of F. A. Porsche › en › christophorus

    Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was the design director for the family company Porsche when, in the early 1960s, he designed a car that instantaneously catapulted him to the pinnacle of the design world: the Porsche 911, an icon among sports cars. He created many race car designs as well.

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    May 28, 2020 · The 911 was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show as the model 901. It was considered a triumph in design. This was the successor to the popular Porsche 356. It took some time for the performance car to be recognized. The sketches were drawn by Ferry's son Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. 13 Porsche 912: 1965

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