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  1. The boundaries of the new Castilian state established by Ferdinand III remained nearly unchanged until the late 15th century. His biographer, Sister María del Carmen Fernández de Castro Cabeza, A.C.J. , asserts that, on his deathbed, Ferdinand said to his son "you will be rich in land and in many good vassals, more than any other king in ...

  2. Firstly in 1381 to Beatrice of Portugal, the daughter of King Ferdinand I of Portugal.At the age of eight, Edward had been taken to Lisbon by his father and betrothed to Beatrice on 29 August 1381 as part of an alliance of England and Portugal against Castile, but after a rapprochement between Portugal and Castile, the marriage was annulled by papal dispensation, and Beatrice married King John ...

  3. Early life. He was the first son of Henri, Count of Paris (1908–1999), and his wife Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza, and was born in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Belgium, a law in 1886 having permanently exiled from France the heads of its formerly reigning dynasties and their eldest sons.

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  5. Ranulf II, Count of Poitou was born about 855 and died on 5 Aug 890 about age 35. 34. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders and Artois 66. 68 69 70 was born about 864 in Flanders, Belgium and died on 10 Sep 918 about age 54. Other names for Baldwin were Baldwin Calvus Count of Flanders and Baldwin II "the Bald" Count of Flanders.

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  7. Auch zwischen den Erzbischöfen von Canterbury und York kam es über deren Vorrangstellung zu einem Streit, der dazu führte, dass Erzbischof Walter Giffard von York von der Zeremonie ausgeschlossen wurde. Die eigentliche Krönung verlief dann wie vorgesehen und wurde von außergewöhnlich prächtigen Feierlichkeiten begleitet.

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