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  1. Fever (Little Willie John song) - Wikipedia

    Fever (Little Willie John song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Fever " is a song written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, who used the pseudonym John Davenport. It was originally recorded by American R&B singer Little Willie John for his debut album, Fever (1956), and released as a single in April of the same year.

    • "Letter from My Darling"
    • May 1956
  2. Fever (GFriend song) - Wikipedia

    The song was written and produced by C-no, Ung Kim and Iggy who was also part of the creation of all the group's singles until " Summer Rain ". It was described by Billboard 's Tamar Herman, as a "sleek dance track all about the heat of a romance that doesn’t diminish even during the cool nighttime". Chart performance [ edit ]

    • 27:20
    • K-pop
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  4. Fever (Aerosmith song) - Wikipedia

    " Fever " is a song by American hard rock band Aerosmith. It is from the band's massively successful 1993 album Get a Grip. It was written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry and is the only Tyler/Perry song on Get a Grip written without the aid of "song doctors". The song is the fourth track on Get a Grip, running four minutes and 15 seconds.

    • 4:15
    • August 30, 1993
  5. The Fever (Bruce Springsteen song) - Wikipedia

    The Fever (Bruce Springsteen song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Fever For The Girl ", the legal published title of “The Fever", was written by Bruce Springsteen in late 1971, as evidenced by a dated lyric sheet, titled " (I Got The) Fever For The Girl " on display at the Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney, Australia.

    • 7:41
    • April 13, 1999
  6. Fever (Cascada song) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Fever " is a single released by Cascada from their album Evacuate the Dancefloor. It was released as the second single from the album, initially in Germany on October 9, 2009, with various other countries following suit.

    • Zooland
    • 2009
    • 3:24
    • October 9, 2009
  7. Fever (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    Fever or the title song (see below), by Little Willie John, 1955; Fever or the title song, an EP by Quentin Elias, 2008; Songs "Fever" (Adam Lambert song), 2010 "Fever" (Aerosmith song), 1993; covered as "The Fever" by Garth Brooks (1995) "Fever" (B.Traits song), 2012 "Fever" (The Black Keys song), 2014 "Fever" (Bullet for My Valentine song ...

  8. Pac-Man Fever (song) - Wikipedia

    "Pac-Man Fever" is a hit single by Buckner & Garcia.Capitalizing on the video game craze of the early 1980s, the song, about the classic video game Pac-Man, peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in March 1982.

  9. Fever (song) | Madonnapedia | Fandom

    " Fever " is a song by Madonna from her fifth studio album Erotica. It was released as the fourth single from the album on March 22, 1993.

  10. Night Fever - Wikipedia

    " Night Fever " is a song written and performed by the Bee Gees. It first appeared on the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever on RSO Records. Producer Robert Stigwood wanted to call the film Saturday Night, but singer Robin Gibb expressed hesitation at the title. Stigwood liked the title Night Fever but was wary of marketing a movie with that name.

    • "Down the Road" (live)
    • 7 February 1978
    • c. April 1977, September 1977
    • Disco
  11. Peggy Lee - Wikipedia

    Her recording of "Golden Earrings", the title song of a 1947 movie, was a hit throughout 1947-1948. With the release of the U.S, number-one-selling record of 1948, "Mañana", her "retirement" was over. In 1948, Lee's work was part of Capitol's library of electrical transcriptions for radio stations. An advertisement for Capitol Transcriptions ...