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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Filipino Sign Language (FSL) or Philippine Sign Language (Filipino: Wikang pasenyas ng mga Pilipino), is a sign language originating in the Philippines. Like other sign languages, FSL is a unique language with its own grammar, syntax and morphology; it is neither based on nor resembles Filipino or English.

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    Background. The Philippines is a multilingual state with more than 175 living languages originating and spoken by various ethno-linguistic groups. Many of these languages descend from a common Malayo-Polynesian language due to the Austronesian migration from Taiwan, however there are languages brought by the Negritos.

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    On the whole, though, sign languages are independent of spoken languages and follow their own paths of development. For example, British Sign Language (BSL) and American Sign Language (ASL) are quite different and mutually unintelligible, even though the hearing people of the United Kingdom and the United States share the same spoken language.

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    The earliest printed book in a Philippine language, featuring both Tagalog in baybayin and transliterated into Latin script, is the 1593 Doctrina Christiana en Lengua Española y Tagala. The Tagalog text was based mainly on a manuscript written by Fr. Juan de Placencia. Friars Domingo de Nieva and Juan de San Pedro Martyr supervised the ...

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    Sep 23, 2019 · FSL has been recognized as the national sign language of the Filipino Deaf through the Filipino Sign Language Act in October 2018. The law mandates that FSL be used in transactions with the Deaf and as the language of instruction for Deaf learners.

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