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  1. Tagalog (/ t ə ˈ ɡ ɑː l ɒ ɡ /, tə-GAH-log; locally [tɐˈɡaːloɡ]; Baybayin: ᜆᜄᜎᜓᜄ᜔) is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by the ethnic Tagalog people, who make up a quarter of the population of the Philippines, and as a second language by the majority.

  2. Filipino ( English: / ˌfɪlɪˈpiːnoʊ / ( listen); Wikang Filipino, locally [wɪˈkɐŋ ˌfiːliˈpiːno] ), is the national language ( Wikang pambansa / Pambansang wika) of the Philippines. Filipino is also designated, along with English, as an official language of the country. It is a standardized variety of the Tagalog language, an ...

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    Look up Filipino or filipino in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Filipino may refer to: Something from or related to the Philippines. Filipino language, standardised variety of 'Tagalog', the national language and one of the official languages of the Philippines. Filipinos, people who are citizens of the Philippines or are of Filipino descent.

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    The Tagalog Wikipedia is the Tagalog language edition of Wikipedia, which was launched on December 1, 2003. It has 44,542 articles and is the 92nd largest Wikipedia according to the number of articles as of September 18, 2021.

    The Tagalog Wikipedia was launched on December 1, 2003 as the first Wikipedia in a language of the Philippines. As of February 3, 2011, it has more than 50,000 articles. Bantayan, Cebu became the 10,000th article on October 20, 2007 while Pasko sa Pilipinas became the 15,000th article on December 24, 2007. Localization of software messages through the Betawiki was finished on February 6, 2009. In 2011, the Tagalog Wikipedia was part of the WikiHistories fellowship research project of the Wikimed

    The Tagalog Wikipedia has several characteristics which define it differently from other language editions of Wikipedia. According to Michael Tan, a Filipino anthropologist and Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist, the Tagalog Wikipedia greatly depends on the UP Diksyonaryong Filipino for basic definitions. Though focused on the Tagalog language, it has pages that helps non-Tagalog speakers on anything related about the online project.

    Compared to the other Philippine-based language editions of Wikipedia, it has significantly fewer articles than the Cebuano Wikipedia, which currently has more than 5,928,000 articles, and the Waray Wikipedia, which has more than 1,266,000 articles, as the majority of the articles in those two languages were initially created by the Lsjbot. The Tagalog Wikipedia has an article depth of 142.75, compared to 3.53 for the Waray Wikipedia and 1.98 for the Cebuano Wikipedia, as of September 18, 2021.

  5. Ang leon o liyon (Panthera leo) ay isang espesye sa pamilyang Felidae at isang miyembro ng genus Panthera.Mayroon itong malaman, katawang may malalim na dibdib, maliit, bilugan ang ulo, bilog na tainga, at isang mabuhok na tuktok sa dulo ng buntot nito.

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    The lack of the letter "F" in the pre-1987 Tagalog alphabet caused the letter "P" to be substituted for "F", though the alphabets and/or writing scripts of some non-Tagalog ethnic groups included the letter "F". Upon official adoption of the modern, 28-letter Filipino alphabet in 1987, the term Filipino was preferred over Pilipino.

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