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  1. Mar 7, 2022 · Filler episodes are original narratives included in the anime that doesn’t follow the manga and are often added for practical reasons, i.e., because the manga is running late or the anime has adapted all of the stories published until a certain moment, thus filling the gap between new manga stories with original narratives. Some people like ...

    • Warship Island Arc. Episodes: 54-61. The Warship Island arc is the very first filler arc in One Piece. The Straw Hats rescue a girl named Apis from the ocean before going into the grand line.
    • Post-Arabasta Arc. Episodes: 131-135. The Post-Arabasta arc takes place, you guessed it, after the Arabasta arc and features five standalone episodes. This is the second filler arc in the series.
    • Goat Island Arc. Episodes: 136-138. The Goat Island arc chronicles the story of the Straw Hats who mistakenly land on this island while trying to escape from the Marines.
    • Ruluka Island Arc. Episodes: 139-143. The Ruluka Island arc takes place right after the Goat Island arc in One Piece. That means we have back-to-back filler arcs from episodes 136 to 143.
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  4. Mar 9, 2023 · Filler Episodes How many Fillers are there in One Piece? 1. East Blue Saga Warship Island Arc (Episode 54 – Episode 61) 2. Arabasta Saga Post-Arabasta Arc (Episode 131 – Episode 135) 3. Sky Island Saga Goat Island Arc (Episode 136 – Episode 138) Ruluka Island or Rainbow Mist Arc (Episodes 139-143) G-8 Arc (196-206) 4. Water 7 Saga

  5. Dec 20, 2022 · Before we go in-depth for each separate arcs, the canon episodes of “One Piece” are Episode(s): 1-49, 52-55, 61-97, 100, 103-135, 144-195, 207-212, 217-219, 226-290, 293-302, 304-316, 320-325, 337-381, 385-405, 408-425, 430-491, 493-496, 500-505, 507-541, 543-574, 579-589, 591-625, 629-747, 751-774, 783-894, 897-906, 908 up to 1045!

  6. Mar 14, 2023 · One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List is one of those which keep updating and evolving due to the sheer number of playable characters being nerfed and debuffed. So if you are wondering who is the best One Piece Bounty Rush character then we have got you covered. One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List March 2023

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