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  1. 'Film Adventurer Karel Zeman' (Filmovy Dobrodruh Karel Zeman ...

    Sep 04, 2015 · Tomás Hodan sets out to remedy Zeman's underexposure in Film Adventurer Karel Zeman, getting help from famous fans like Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton, whose testimonials, in the face of plentiful ...

  2. Review: Three Fantastic Journeys by Karel Zeman on Criterion ...

    Of all the documentaries and videos, long and short, the 101-minute Film Adventurer Karel Zeman is the most exhaustive; interspersed with histories and talking heads, we see a class of Czech film students laboring to reproduce a couple of Zeman’s seemingly simple effects shots, and, in the process, coming to understand just how much the maestro was able to achieve without the benefit of CGI, digital-oriented post-production, or hard-drive storage.

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    • Film Adventurer Karel Zeman - Trailer
    • Film Adventurer Karel Zeman
    • Karel Zeman Adventurer in Film
  3. Film Adventurer Karel Zeman (2015) - IMDb

    Karel Zeman - Adventurer in Film is a biographical film looking back at the life, work and significance of the genius of world cinema. It reveals the inspiration sources of his work and looks into the kitchen of the film tricks pioneer. As an absolute solitaire in his field, he created his own world based purely on his imagination.

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    • Tomás Hodan
  4. Three Fantastic Journeys by Karel Zeman Blu-ray

    It covers so much of the history and input from modern filmmakers notable kudos some from the likes of Tim Burton who has stated "Karel Zeman and Ray Harryhausen were the two big inspirations for me... what Zeman did was amazing" and Terry Gilliam who stated "He did what I'm still trying to do, which is to try and combine live action with animation. His Doré-esque backgrounds were wonderful.

  5. ‎Karel Zeman: Adventurer in Film (2015) directed by Tomáš ...

    I'll be forever fascinated by what Karel Zeman has been able to achieve with so little resources. The documentary showcases interviewes with several directors, such as Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, and Koji Yamamura, who wholeheartedly share this sentiment.

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    • Tomáš Hodan
  6. Invention for Destruction (Vynález zkázy) – Karel Zeman, 1958 ...

    Sep 30, 2020 · Karel Zeman was a true filmmaking genius, ranking alongside the likes of Georges Méliès, and his stop motion animation also compares favourably with the indelible creations of the legendary Ray Harryhausen.

  7. Three Fantastic Journeys - DVD Talk - DVD Movie News, Reviews ...

    Czech filmmaker Karl Zeman (1910-1989) made movies like no other. Combining live-action with every form of special effect available, including stop-motion models and cutouts, his films approach the medium in a manner almost alien to audiences weaned solely on Hollywood films.

  8. Three Fantastic Journeys by Karel Zeman | The Criterion ...

    A kaleidoscopic marvel that blends live action with techniques including stop-motion, cutout collage, puppetry, painted backdrops, and antique tinting, Zeman’s film is an exhilarating visual delight and a warmhearted whirl through a bygone age too entrancing to have existed.

  9. Film Adventurer Karel Zeman - Wikipedia

    Film Adventurer Karel Zeman (Czech: Filmový dobrodruh Karel Zeman) is a 2015 Czech documentary film about Karel Zeman. It focuses on Zeman's life and work, documenting the creation of his films. The film also features reconstruction of famous scenes of Zeman's films made by animation students.

    • Tomáš Hodan
    • Tomáš Hodan, Ludmila Zemanová, Martin Polák, Ondřej Beránek
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