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    How do you cite a film in MLA?

    How do you write the title of a source in MLA?

    How to write a movie title?

    Are MLA titles capitalized?

  2. Citing a movie in MLA format is a bit different from citing a movie in APA or Chicago style. The 9th edition of the MLA style guide (the most recent) has a few unique guidelines compared to APA and Chicago (such as putting the title first instead of the director). We explain everything here so you can cite movies in MLA format with confidence.

    • Capitalization in MLA Titles
    • Punctuation in MLA Titles
    • Titles Within Titles
    • Exceptions to MLA Title Formatting
    • Sources with No Title
    • Abbreviating Titles
    • Titles in Foreign Languages

    In all titles and subtitles, capitalize the first and last words, as well as any other principal words.

    Use the same punctuation as appears in the source title. However, if there is a subtitle, separate it from the main title with a colon and a space, even if different (or no) punctuation is used in the source. The exception is when the title ends in a question mark, exclamation point or dash, in which case you keep the original punctuation:

    Sometimes a title contains another title—for example, the title of an article about a novel might contain that novel’s title. For titles within titles, in general, maintain the same formatting as you would if the title stood on its own.

    Titles and names that fall into the following categories are not italicized or enclosed in quotation marks: 1. Scripture (e.g. the Bible, the Koran, the Gospel) 2. Laws, acts and related documents (e.g. the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Paris Agreement) 3. Musical compositions identified by form, number and key (e.g. Beethoven’...

    For sources with no title, a brief description of the source acts as the title. Follow these rules for capitalization: 1. Capitalize the first word 2. Capitalize proper nouns 3. Ignore other MLA rules for capitalization There are some exceptions to this general format: descriptions including titles of other works, such as comments on articles or re...

    If you need to mention the name of a work in the text itself, state the full title, but omit the subtitle. If you need to refer to the work multiple times, you may shorten the title to something familiar or obvious to the reader. For example, Huckleberry Finn for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. If in doubt, prefer the noun phrase. If the standa...

    In the Works Cited list, if you are listing a work with a title in a language other than English, you can add the translated title in square brackets. If you are using the foreign-language title in the text itself, you can also include the translation in parenthesis. For example, O Alquimista (The Alchemist). You don’t need to include a translation...

  3. Jul 28, 2022 · MLA Citation Style, 9th Edition. ... For example, a film you discuss generally will be cited like so (Netflix example): Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

  4. Dec 6, 2019 · If you are focusing on the director’s choices, begin your works-cited-list entry with the director’s name. If you are discussing various aspects of the film—such as the story, the actor’s performances, and the director’s choices—begin your entry with the film’s title. As always, key your in-text citation to the first element of ...

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