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    • Screenwriting/Scriptwriting. Here are some nice screenwriting examples to fuel your creative fire. 2 Column Corporate Screenplay – Sonnyboo. Writing Credit Contract for Film – New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-Operative.
    • Script Breakdown Template. A script breakdown template is necessary for every kind of film. Take a look at our templates. Maybe they are exactly what you’ve been looking for.
    • Storyboard Templates. Storyboards are graphic organizers in form of illustrations or images. Kind of a shot list, but in an arty way. Storyboards are sometimes part of the shot list, but you can also separate them.
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    A video release is used when an individual or property has been used in the creation of content that is to be placed on public display for commercial use. If a person, entity, or trademark is shown in the video, it most likely will need the owner’s permission before it can be made public.

    Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt) 1 – Download This Template To Obtain Permission To Use An Individuals Image And/Or Voice On Video This form should be downloaded using any of the buttons in the image caption area on this page. If you wish to work onscreen make sure you are downloading a file type that you can e...

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  2. Sep 21, 2022 · foreign agency agreement.doc: 23.0 kb: form for artist owned record company.doc ... royalty specification of producer agreement.doc: ... film synchronization ...

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    Standard Contract for Theatrical Motion PicturesA standard theatrical writing services contract which can be tailored to reflect the negotiated terms of any writing services contract you negotiate. Low Budget AgreementThe Low Budget Agreement allows writers to write and sell a narrative feature-length screenplay under the protection of the Writers ...

    Standard TV Contracts These two contracts are the Standard Contract for Long-form TV and the Standard Form Freelance TV Writer’s Employment Contract. The Standard Contract for Long-form TV was created specifically for movies of the week, movies for television, and miniseries. The Standard Freelance TV Contract is astandard freelance TV contract for...

    Gimlet — Gimlet Media-WGA 2021-2024 Agreement
    Parcast — Parcast–WGAE 2022-2025 Agreement
    The Ringer — Ringer LLC-WGAE 2021-2024 Agreement

    Requirements for Original New Media Projects The WGA East requires these minimum standards for self-produced new media series/projects. Sideletter on Literary Material Written for Programs Made for New Media (PDF) This Side-letter confirms the understanding of the WGA and the Companies concerning the application of the MBA to literary material writ...

    Interactive Program ContractThe WGA offers a simple, one-page Interactive Program Contract (IPC) that covers writing for videogames.

    Writer’s Collaboration Agreement An agreement between parties to collaborate on an original story, treatment, screenplay, or other work. Informational Program Contract A contract for when writing services are to be performed in non-broadcast films and videos used in business and government for training, education, promotion, public relations and ot...

  3. Sep 21, 2022 · (1) The statement required to be furnished under section 285B by a person carrying on production of cinematograph film or engaged in specified activity, or both, shall be in Form No. 52A for each previous year. (2) Form No. 52A shall be furnished within sixty days from the end of the previous year.

  4. Sep 21, 2022 · If you are filing documents, contact the Signatories, Contracts, and Agency Administrator Rochelle Rubin via phone at 212-767-7837 or via email. If you would like more information about contracts, contact Geoff Betts at 212-767-7852 or via email.

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