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  1. Apr 30, 2018 · FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Job Actions Trailer Unveils New Job Actions for 21 Jobs Including New Viper and Pictomancer. NEW. BOOKS; May 16, 2024 [FR] FINAL FANTASY Lost Stranger T11 Available Now! GAMES; May 13, 2024 SQUARE ENIX Celebrates FINAL FANTASY XI Online's 22nd Anniversary with Exciting Updates. GAMES; May 8, 2024

  2. Feb 21, 2024 · If you’re just starting out in the massive world of Final Fantasy 14, we have tons of guides to help you. We guides detailing when you’ll get your mount and which Grand Company you should join.

  3. Play FINAL FANTASY XIV Online for FREE up to level 70 with no restrictions on play time! The Free Trial includes three award-winning titlesFINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn the base game, and the first and second expansions: FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward and FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. DOWNLOAD NOW.

  4. Play FINAL FANTASY XIV's Free Trial. Become the Warrior of Light, and fight to deliver the realm from certain destruction. Play the Free Trial up to level 70 for FREE with no restriction on playtime! Join Over 30 Million* Players Worldwide!

  5. Games. Dive into the next chapter of the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY ® XIV Online with the latest expansion pack — ENDWALKER! Experience the climax of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story, and encounter an even greater calamity than ever before as you travel to the far reaches of Hydaelyn and even to the moon.

  6. Feb 21, 2024 · Luke Karmali, PR Director, Square Enix. Published. February 21, 2024. Summary. Critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online has officially launched into Open Beta on Xbox Series X|S. Boasting 4K support on Xbox Series X and faster loading times on both consoles, all progress will carry over to the full launch.

  7. In order to experience the full range of FINAL FANTASY XIV services, please note that purchase of the full game, a subscription, and internet connection are required. Learn More About FINAL FANTASY XIV

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