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  1. Oct 6, 2022 · Embark on your own original adventures in familiar locales and dungeons to rediscover FFXIV’s FATEs, monsters, and NPCs in tabletop form! Visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV TTRPG teaser site for product details and future updates. PvP Series 4 Ends Soon. 09/19/2023.

  2. Registration steps: Log in to the Mog Station with your Square Enix account. If you have multiple service accounts, select the service account you want to register the code on. Select "Enter Expansion Registration Code" and follow the instructions on-screen.

  3. Apr 13, 2021 · Mog Station is the site that handles almost all of the paid services for Final Fantasy 14, whether it’s buying an outfit or upgrading your games from the standard versions to the collector’s ...

  4. · Logging into the Mog Station or game launcher from a different device/location. · Logging into the Mog Station or game launcher while using a VPN. · Logging in with a different IP address from your last login. For information regarding login restrictions and how to resolve them, please visit:

  5. 1) Log into the Mog Station with the SQUARE ENIX Account you will use to play FINAL FANTASY XIV. ( * If you possess multiple service accounts, you will be taken to the service account selection screen. Please carefully review your service accounts and select the one that you wish to redeem the recruitment code on ...

  6. Jun 27, 2022 · Mog Station was updated at the time below. [Date & Time] Jun. 28, 2022 6:00 (GMT) Jun. 28, 2022 7:00 (BST) Jun. 28, 2022 16:00 (AEST) [Affected Service] ・Mog Station [Update Details] The following adjustments have been made. ・The side menu now displays each service category.

  7. For FINAL FANTASY XIV: (1) Logon the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System ( (2) Select‘Mog Station’. (3) Select‘Your Account’ on top of screen. (4) Under‘Service Account Status’, select ‘Reactivate Service Account’ for the ServiceAccount you wish to reactivate. Confirm the reactivation to complete ...

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