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  1. Find song by lyrics (or partial lyrics) tool can help you figure it out and solve your earworm, it’s just as simple—no artist name required. Just type the few lyrics you know, and then after you’re finished entering, our tool helps identify potential song matches.

  2. Find that song that's stuck in your head when you only know a few of the lyrics.

  3. Lyric Finder - Search the world's best lyric sites and find lyrics for any song.

  4. Apr 29, 2024 · Know a few lyrics but don’t know or can’t remember the song? Then this song finder tool will help you out. Simply add any words you know in the search bar below, and hit “search”. When you see a likely candidate, click on the result and the lyrics for that song will load.

  5. To use a lyric finder for songs, you would simply enter the name of the song or the artist into the search bar and browse through the results to find the lyrics you are looking for. Some tools also offer the ability to search by specific lyrics or phrases within a song.


    Easily navigate our lyrics and artist collection either alphabetically or by using our advanced query capabilities to search by keywords. You can follow your favorite artists, discuss and rate existing work, and translate pieces to almost any language. SUBMIT NEW LYRICS.

  7. Discover and search music, sing along to lyrics - all in one place! find and discover music and people. Use your voice to instantly connect to your favorite music, and to a community of people that share your musical interests.

  8. Song Words Search...Find music by lyrics by typing in lyrics.

  9. You can find song title or artist using a part of the text. If you want to search a song by artist and title - better click on "Artist and title" and select "any word". When you search within song lyrics you can use "Exact phrase" search to get more relevant results.

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