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    The Philippine Republic, more commonly known as the First Philippine Republic or the Malolos Republic, was a nascent revolutionary government in the Philippines. It was formally established with Emilio Aguinaldo as president by proclamation of the Malolos Constitution on January 21, 1899, in Malolos, Bulacan,[Note 1] succeeding the previous Revolutionary Government of the Philippines. It endured until the capture of Aguinaldo by the American forces on March 23, 1901, in Palanan, Isabela, which e

    • History

      In 1896, the Philippine Revolution began against Spanish...

    • Organization

      Executive power was exercised by the President, through his...

    • Finances

      One of the important laws passed by the Malolos Congress was...

    • Military

      When Philippine independence was declared on June 12, 1898,...

    • Seats of government

      Aguinaldo Shrine where Philippine independence was declared...

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    The term "Philippine Republic" or "Republic of the Philippines" refers to a succession of republics during and after the Philippine Revolution in the Philippines. The current government of the Philippines recognizes five "Philippine republics" in the history of the Philippines: First Philippine Republic (January 23, 1899 – March 23, 1901)

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    ] After the defeat of the First Philippine Republic, an American civilian government was established. American forces continued to secure and extend their control over the islands, suppressing an attempted extension of the Philippine Republic , [97] : 200–202 [104] securing the Sultanate of Sulu , [105] and establishing control over interior ...

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    Emilio Aguinaldo is officially recognized as the first President of the Philippines, but this is based on his term of office during the Malolos Republic, later known as the First Philippine Republic. Prior to this Aguinaldo had held the presidency of several revolutionary governments which are not counted in the succession of Philippine republics.

    President (Birth–Death)
    Took office
    Left office
    Andres Bonifacio y de Castro (30 November ...
    August 24, 1896
    March 22, 1897 or May 10, 1897
    Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy (22 March 1869 – ...
    March 22, 1897
    November 1, 1897
    Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy (22 March 1869 – ...
    November 2, 1897
    December 14, 1897
    Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy (22 March 1869 – ...
    May 24, 1898
    June 23, 1898
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    The American colonization of the Philippines abolished the First Republic, which led to an American governor-general exercising executive power. [19] In 1935, the United States , pursuant to its promise of full Philippine sovereignty , [20] established the Commonwealth of the Philippines following the ratification of the 1935 Constitution ...

    President (Lifespan)
    Term of office (Length of tenure)
    Rodrigo Duterte (born 1945)
    June 30, 2016 – present (5 years, 13 ...
    Benigno Aquino III (1960–2021)
    June 30, 2010 – June 30, 2016 (6 years, 0 ...
    Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (born 1947)
    Lakas, later Lakas–Kampi
    January 20, 2001 – June 30, 2010 (9 ...
    Joseph Estrada (born 1937)
    June 30, 1998 – January 20, 2001 (2 ...
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    1899–1901: First Republic (Malolos Republic) The First Philippine Republic was inaugurated on January 23, 1899 at Malolos, and ended on March 23, 1901 when President Emilio Aguinaldo was captured by the Americans at Palanan. The Americans had already begun controlling areas not controlled by the First Republic after the Spanish cession.

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    Philippines: January 23, 1899: First Philippine Republic. Cuba: April 11, 1899: Official end of Spanish–American War: Portugal: October 5, 1910: King Manuel II deposed and Portuguese First Republic proclaimed as a result of the 1910 revolution: Angola: Republican government instituted when Portuguese mother country became a republic Cape ...

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    First President of the Philippines, officially recognized as such. (See also: List of unofficial Presidents of the Philippines) First President to declare martial law (May 1898) First President to be a Freemason. First President to be a member of the military. First and only President to be below the age of 30.

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    This is a list of republics.For antiquity (or later in the case of societies that did not refer to modern terminology to qualify their form of government) the assessment of whether a state organisation is a republic is based on retrospective analysis by historians and political theorists.

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