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  1. Flag Carrier | Definition of Flag Carrier by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › flag carrier

    Flag carrier definition is - an air or sea transport line flying the flag of the country to which it belongs.

  2. Flag carrier - definition of flag carrier by The Free Dictionary › flag+carrier

    1. An airline owned by or strongly identified with a nation. 2. An airline or merchant vessel registered in a given country.

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  4. Flag-carrier - definition of Flag-carrier by The Free Dictionary › Flag-carrier

    1. An airline owned by or strongly identified with a nation. 2. An airline or merchant vessel registered in a given country.

  5. FLAG CARRIER | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary › english › flag-carrier

    an airline that is or was owned by a government, often with the name of the country in its name: Air India, the country's flag carrier The Australian government raised A$1.45 billion from the sale of its 75% stake in the national flag carrier. Want to learn more?

  6. FLAG CARRIER | Definition of FLAG CARRIER by Oxford ... › definition › flag_carrier

    ‘The flag carrier now faces a new round of strikes from April 1.’ ‘The aerospace analyst said at least three other European flag carriers may lose the fight for survival.’ ‘Creating the world's largest airline, the two flag carriers first announced the coming together back in September.’

  7. Flag carrier definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary › english › flag-carrier

    May 04, 2021 · Flag carrier definition: an airline that is locally registered in a particular country | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  8. What is Flag carrier? Definition and meaning › dictionary › flag-carrier

    Flag carrier A vessel registered under the flag of a particular country. Some counties support their merchant marine industry by limiting certain types of cargo to vessel registered in their nationality such as government-financed purchases of foreign aid. See also preferential cargo.

  9. Flag carrier - Wikipedia › wiki › Flag_carrier

    A flag carrier is a transportation company, such as an airline or shipping company, that, being locally registered in a given sovereign state, enjoys preferential rights or privileges accorded by the government for international operations.

  10. flag carrier definition | English definition dictionary | Reverso › english-definition › flag

    1 a piece of cloth, esp. bunting, often attached to a pole or staff, decorated with a design and used as an emblem, symbol, or standard or as a means of signalling 2 a small paper flag, emblem, or sticker sold on flag days

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