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  2. Common Examples of Flashback Many of us have flashbacks quite frequently. We may have flashbacks when we think of someone whom we haven’t thought of in a while, and remember some memory that that person was a part of. Or we may look at an object and think of when we first got it, or why it’s significant.

  3. Example #1: The Holy Bible (By Various Contributors) The Bible is a good source of flashback examples. In the Book of Matthew, we see a flashback has been used when Joseph, governor of Egypt, sees his brothers after several years. Joseph “remembered his dreams ” about his brothers, and how they sold him into slavery in the past.

  4. Aug 23, 2021 · 1. Flashbacks aid character development. Diving into a character’s past, even momentarily, is a way for writers to convey background information that supports the main storyline. Writing flashbacks can provide insight into the main character’s motivations for the decisions they make and actions they take.

  5. Aug 23, 2020 · We’re going to break down flashbacks by looking at how they’re used by writers, with examples from classical literature like The Odyssey and recent films like Manchester By The Sea. But before we jump into our examples let’s define flashback. Tools For Screenwriters Literary Devices Literary Elements Antagonist Anticlimax Backstory Catharsis Climax

  6. I. What is Flashback? Flashback is a device that moves an audience from the present moment in a chronological narrative to a scene in the past. Often, flashbacks are abrupt interjections that further explain a story or character with background information and memories. II. Examples of Flashback

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