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  1. Fiction - The Dark Magazine

    The Dark Magazine. Fiction An Elegy for Childhood Monsters by Gwendolyn Kiste. Until I was twelve years old, my sister Cecilia read me bedtime stories about monsters ...

  2. Flashes In The Dark | Duotrope

    About Flashes In The Dark is looking for well-written short, horror fiction under 1,000 words. However, I am looking for real stories…not vignettes, jokes, or horrific descriptions. All stories should have a beginning, middle, and end.

  3. Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction: Spooner ...

    Oct 17, 2018 · Allison’s latest work, Flash in the Dark – A Collection of Flash Fiction, is a brilliant composite of her penchant for short, memorable, endearing stories. Often less than five-hundred words, but always unique works of art, Allison’s flash fiction is impactful.

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    • Allison Spooner
  4. People also ask

    What causes one to see bright flashes in the dark?

    What causes flashes of light?

    Why do I have light flashes in my eyes?

  5. The Dark Magazine

    Each month The Dark brings you the best in dark fantasy and horror, with stories selected by award-winning editors Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sean Wallace and published by Prime Books!

  6. Fireflies Flash in the Dark|May 2020| TPW magazine

    Flashes in the Dark. Whether you call them fireflies or lightning bugs, these flying beetles are evening enchanters. By Mary Schmidt. The approaching darkness is illuminated by faint, intermittent glimmers, like landing lights for tiny airplanes.

  7. flashes in the dark – Sean Monaghan – Writer

    Flashes in the Dark has published my story Akio Draws Manga. A shorter piece – under 800 words here – and an odd tale, perhaps a little supernatural, perhaps even a little sci-fi, but certainly psychological. Akio grabs a pen when he can, draws up quick, prescient sketches, while battling giant demons.

  8. Flashes in the dark - Eye conditions - Condition | Our Health

    Oct 18, 2007 · Flag this Discussion The flashes of light are a symptom that is best NOT ignored.While it may be caused by vitreous detachment. it can also be caused by retinal tears or detachment. In the case of th latter, early treatment and diagnosis are essential to protect your vision.

  9. What causes one to see bright flashes in the dark? | Zocdoc ...

    Bright flashes of light without an actual light source can have several causes. See a doctor who can help. Find Primary care doctors near you. Probably the most likely in someone your age is a migraine headache. If this bright flash was followed by a throbbing headache a short time later, then a migraine is very likely.

  10. "Peripheral white flashes of light in the dark": Eye Health ...

    The flashes come in bursts, sometimes very frequent or powerful, some other times mild or very faint which is almost disappointing. The weirdest thing is that now I developed the ability to...

  11. Submission Guidelines - The Dark Magazine

    Submission Procedures All submissions should follow proper manuscript format (modern edition, preferably). Submissions should be emailed to Please attach all submissions in .doc or rtf format—we will not accept submissions embedded in the body of email. Include your bio in your cover letter. Guidelines for Fiction The Dark is an online magazine published ...