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  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator | Hackaday › tag › microsoft-flight-simulator

    Nov 04, 2020 · With the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we’ll be seeing a lot of controller builds. Posted in Peripherals Hacks , Playstation Hacks Tagged 3d printed , microsoft flight simulator , yoke

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    Dec 02, 2020 · One of the earliest Nintendo products to gain popularity was the Game and Watch product line. Produced by Nintendo between 1980 and 1991, they are a source of nostalgia for many an 80s or 90s kid.

    • 2b2t
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    2builders2tools, or "2b2t" for short is a Minecraft anarchy server that is also known as the world's worst Minecraft server. The server has virtually no rules, no staff, and no chat filters. The only moderation concerns anti-cheatfor game-breaking hacked client features, such as flight and super speed. The server is the second oldest running server in Minecraft, behind Minecraft Online. The current map has been active since December 2010, without a single reset, and it contains >4000 GB of memory. The server has been hosted in Stockholm, Sweden for most of its history. The server is now hosted somewhere in New York, according to the Admin. 2b2t offers its players a Minecraft experience which is unparalleled to any other server of the type and is like no other place in video games. There are many servers based off of 2b2t, with each one often going with the #b#t formula (IE. 4b4t). Most of these servers came up after TheCampingRusheruploaded his infamous video, with the exception of...

    Important: The fact that 2b2t is an anarchy server does not make this an anarchy wiki. Vandalism will be reverted and violaters will be banned. Please check out the rules for further information.Also, due to the convoluted history of 2b2t, some information may not be correct, unbiased, or up to date. We, the wiki staff, work to our best efforts to put forward the best wiki we possibly can. We rely on you, the readers, the writers, to provide feedback, and to document your experiences. We are here to support you and to keep the quality of this page up. Contained within these articles are nearly 10 years of the history of the Minecraft server, 2b2t. There are a wide variety of experiences, events, and happenings cataloged here, that span all of that time. Before perusing through the various writings here, one must keep a number of things in mind, namely: 1. This is all a game, none of the events documented here matter outside of 2b2t. 2. Even within 2b2t, a large part of the happening...

    Here is a list of the current featured pages. This list is subject to periodic updates. Timeline -A general timeline of 2b2t with over 250+ entries, it does not represent a complete picture of the server's history, but it is a useful resource for general context 2b2t Media Archive, Anarchy Links Hub -The hubs for 2b2t (and general anarchy) discord servers Imperator's Base- One of the most significant bases in the server's history TheCampingRusher- The famous YouTube content creator that joined June 1st, 2016, opened up the server to a wider audience, and caused the server to be as populated as it now is

    Here is a page for page ideas and pages that need to be done. Please feel free to check them out and create them as you please. Thanks 1. To Do

    The following pages are created for easy access across the wiki. Help would be appreciated through edits! 1. Players 2. Famous Builds 3. Builds 4. Timeline 5. Survival guide for new players 6. Groups 7. Spawn

    The editors and administration of this wiki are not responsible for legal consequences of viewing or sharing content hosted here, which may arise due to the presence of imagery related to totalitarian regimes and/or organizations that promote(d) such regimes. Please note: This timeline may have a lot of bias and does not represent all of 2b2t's complex history. Therefore it should just be looked at as a simplification of its history rather than its actual history.

  3. May 04, 2021 · A weekend cyberattack that left many of Scripps Health's computer systems down continued to plague the San Diego-based healthcare system Monday, with no timeline for recovery, creating uncertainty ...

  4. The 25 Best PC Games to Play Right Now - IGN › articles › best-pc-games

    Apr 26, 2021 · One of the best PS4 games finally made its way to PC this summer, Horizon Zero Dawn and its icy expansion The Frozen Wilds provide dozens of hours of action and exploration. Boasting a satisfying ...

  5. Travel Hacking Success! - Retire by 40 › travel-hacking-success

    Dec 07, 2017 · Basically, travel hacking is using credit card rewards to pay for flights and/or hotel rooms. Travel hackers accumulate points through applying for credit cards with great sign-up bonuses and using them. I never liked travel hacking because I don’t like signing up for new credit cards and it’s hard for me to keep track of them all.

  6. Hausemaster - 2b2t Wiki › wiki › Hausemaster
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    Hause and george created 2b2t in late December 2010, becoming the de facto owner shorty after due to george's internet connection being bad. Hause occasionally joined 2b2t from its creation until around 2015, and according to many old players, he would sometimes teleport to random people and give them items. Hause said in an email at no point did they actively play nor followed what happened on the server, making updates and fixes Hause's main interaction with the community. The first backdoo...

    Temp maps

    Temp Maps are temporary maps made by Hause, usually to update and modify the old map. The server has had 4 temp maps so far, the first being at the end of the Great Server Decay in 2013, the second being 3b3t in early 2015, the third being during the early stages of The Rusher War during The Age of Hypein 2016, and the fourth being in the summer of 2017. The 1st map was made in order for Hause to fix the massive lag on the old map during the Great Server Decay. The 2nd was in order to format...

    Minecraft Dimensions On 2b2t

    (For more information see the Nether and the End) WIP

    Hausemaster is from Sweden, like georgebush420, and they know each other in real life, as confirmed in the original 2b2t facepunch thread. It is also widely believed that georgebush420 is simply an alternate account of Hause's. Interesting note: in 2014, Hause's email headers stopped being written in Swedish, as they had normally been written prior.

    According to Fit, Hausemaster having his own base was a commonly repeated meme. On August 8th 2016, a rusher named GrayGraySage posted a reddit post on that his friend had found a base named Hitlervile. Gray came to the base and that he spotted three members at the base: georgebush420, "Noodle", and "Baj". After he logged off and came back on the next day, the entire base had been removed, and chunks reverted. Many didn't trust gray about this. However, in November, ChromeCrusher found out that the base had been moved by using an unknown exploit, and promptly blew it up with AlphaComputer. SalC1 recorded a video pre-grief, and noted how the bedrock patterns at the base's location is the same as under the one found by Gray's friend. The base was a mess, with crudly made Swastikas thrown about, and a bizarre central fort made of gold, redstone, and other materials.BarrenDome has also found a supposed baseby Hausemaster. It isn't as massive as Hitlervile, and only seemed to have one ot...

    Hause has been criticized for directly interfering with the 2b2t world using MC Edit by adding / removingthings such as massive lag machines. Hause has also been praised / criticized for adding End Portals to the world. The community of 2b2t likes to joke that Hause doesn't do anything with 2b2t unless he is high on cocaine and that he is a massive jew. Hause has also been notorious for not being involved with the server for long periods of time, letting players do what they wanted (which to some oldfags was a good thing) as well as giving Rusher control of the priority queue system. His game breaking rules are criticized due to the fact that the server is an anarchy server where anything should be possible but has received praise as these glitches and hacks would make the server pointless and not very fun.

    While it is generally recognized that Hause is the sole admin (at least meant to be) on 2b2t, it has been speculated and theorized that there are/were others. This is a list of all confirmed and possible Administrators of 2b2t. 1. Hausemaster - The original owner. He also ran the official 2b2t website, as well as a Garry's Mod server which was less popular. The website indicates that Hause was growing tired of managing the server in 2013, until eventually he stopped altogether and handed 2b2t off to somebody else. 2. "2builders2tools" / "2b2t" - The most probable current owner of the server, taking the reins from Hausemaster in July 2014. This is based off of a message appearing on the server website in July 2014 stating that Hause had stopped running 2b2t and left the server to "an anonymous friend." The owner's personality changed after this message, and it is a personality still seen today. Hardly anything is known about him. 3. Georgebush420- Suspected to be an actual person rat...

    Note: This was originally written by James Rustles. It can be found here, at General Points: The ‘Admin’ via email claimed to never have accepted plugins from players. But then in the same breathacknowledges the popbob backdoor of 2011 The ‘Admin’ also confirmed that he disabled thunder via email then claims he didn't Tristan’s GitHub is full of plugins that 2b2t actively uses (they are even described as such) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Random things of interest:All added to timeline­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­To be given exact dates: [2010/­12­/17] 2b2t minecraft map begun. Arguments over 17th or 20th [Pre 2014] Hosting switched to OVH ­ Specifically the partner SoYouStart with the auto renew paypal feature. ­ ­ ­ 2014-­2016 Tone of admin emails change (helpful to rude and cocky) Nice: Rude: Headers change from Swedish to english. [late 201...

    There is another account that now owns the name "Hausemaster" unrelated to the original Hausemaster.
  7. 5 days ago · A universe (also referred to as a franchise, and officially known as a series) is a term used by the Smash Bros. community to collectively refer to all the particular characters, stages, items, music, and other properties appearing in the fighting games that are thematically featured in another game franchise.

  8. Rubi Rose's Twitter account is hacked and sick trolls are ... › rubi-rose-rapper-twitter-account

    3 days ago · Rubi Rose's Twitter account has been hacked and sick trolls have leaked the messages Lil Reese sent her (Instagram) Rapper Rubi Rose's Twitter account was reportedly hacked since the early hours of Saturday, May 8. The username of the 'Nasty' rapper, who has 5,49,000 followers, was changed by a ...

  9. Home-Run Contest - SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki › Home-Run_Contest
    • Overview
    • Moves That Can Hit Farther Than A Home-Run Swing
    • Competitive Home-Run Contest
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    The player starts on a platform with a Sandbag in the center, and the character about 1/3 of the way from the left of the platform facing right. On the left edge is a Home-Run Bat, which can be used to hit the bag extremely far. Hitting with the very end of the bat, known as a "tipper", makes Sandbag go farther than hitting with the middle of the bat, which goes farther than a close hit. Halfway through the game, the announcer will start the countdown just like in a standard timed match with only five seconds remainingbefore the player hits the bag with the bat or an attack. When the Sandbag lands on the field, that will be the player's total distance for the game. In Melee, it is also possible for some characters to hit the Sandbag with the handle of the bat, causing what is known as a no-ping hit, which sends the Sandbag at a much sharper angle. A no-ping hit only does 8% damage rather than 20%, but the change in angle causes the Sandbag to fly much farther when its damage is rela...

    Due to differences in knockback scaling, certain moves can send the Sandbag farther than a Home-Run swing once the Sandbag's accumulated damage has become high enough. Exact damage thresholds for some moves are unknown and are only given as bounded ranges. For example, if a move is listed as outperforming the Home-Run swing after "100% - 200%", the Home-Run swing is confirmed to be better at 99% or lower, and the other move is confirmed to be better at 200% or higher, but it is not known which move is better between these two numbers and the actual threshold may be as low as 100% or as high as 200%. The following lists only include moves potentially viable for record strategies; for example, moves that would require an unreachably high damage to outperform the Home-Run Bat are not listed, nor are moves that could outperform the Home-Run Bat but would always be outclassed by another move by that point.

    Since almost the beginning of Super Smash Bros. Melee, Home-Run Contest has been played competitively. Originally, before the game's release in Europe, North America and Japan had a competition between each other for the highest Home-Run Contest scores. This then moved out to include Europe when the game was released in its PAL version. This competitive nature has continued and grown onto Super Smash Bros. Brawl and both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4, especially due to the replay function (thus making video production easier) and video streaming sites such as YouTube. However, due to the large technique changes from game to game, most notably the introduction of the barrier and multiple bat drops in one jump in Brawl, there is very little player overlap between games. The Home-Run Contest world records' list was maintained on the smash site All is Brawl but its record keeping was lost upon the site's demise. A history of Home-Run Contest and its milestones up until about 2005 can...

    In competitive Home-Run Contest, there are several subcategories, which use unique playing styles. The most popular two (which have been around the longest, since the start of competitive HRC) are: 1. NBA: No Bat Allowed.The bat cannot be used to attack in any way. The bat can be picked up, as long as it is not used. NBA strategies are usually unique, as it requires a completely different playing style. Bat swing cannot be used. 2. NBD: No Bat Drops.Players can do everything except aerial bat drops. Grounded bat drops are allowed, as it is considered a bat discard. Bat swing may be used. Two other subcategories that were created during Melee's lifetime were BMO and NJA: 1. BMO: B Moves Only. Only B Moves are allowed, and the last attack to hit Sandbag must be a B move. The bat can be used, so somewhat unique bat drops are utilized. Bat swing cannot be used, as it counts as a forward smash. In Brawlwith the advent of the barrier, the record strategies for this subcategory have mostly...


    1. Ganondorf and the Ice Climbers are tied for the world record of 11,347.2 feet (3458.5 meters). 1.1. Ganondorf's record was set by YouTube user Sin2324, as seen here: 1.2. The Ice Climbers' record was set by Joe Bushman using the freeze glitch, as seen here: 1. It is impossible to ever exceed a score of 11,347.2 feet because beyond this point, the ground stops being solid and the Sandbag will simply fall through it. Since the Sandbag never lands, no score is recorded (the game eventually cr...


    1. The solo world record is held by the Ice Climbers at 21,083.3 feet (6,426.2 meters) by YouTube user Teitoku06142 , performed by trapping the Sandbag underneath the lip of the platform, then keeping it stuck there with freeze frames while Popo and Nana alternate bat throws twice as fast as any other character can. 1.1. Excluding off-stage mechanics, the solo world record is held by Ganondorf, at 12,059.7 feet (3,675.8 meters), by YouTube user Pokitaru2681 . 1. The co-operative world record...

    Smash 4

    1. The solo world record is held by Roy at 19,411.7 feet (5,916.7 meters), by YouTube user Teitoku06142. 1. The co-operative world record is held by Wario and Roy at 88,001.3 feet (26,822.8 meters), again accomplished by YouTube user Teitoku06142.

    Mario is ready to swing the bat to send Sandbag flying in Melee.
    Mario hitting Sandbag with a Home-Run Bat in Brawl.
    Two-player co-op in Brawl.
    Mii Brawler participating in the contest in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

    In Melee

    1. There is a wall approximately 50 feet/15 metres to the left of the platform (off screen) that Sandbag can bounce off of. 1. The platform changes size depending on what language the game is set to. The US version is slightly smaller than the Japanese and European versions. (This can be demonstrated by hitting the Sandbag from its starting position with a dash attackfrom the Home-Run Bat; the Sandbag will fall off the platform in the US version but stay on in the Japanese and European versio...

    In Brawl

    1. The stage is composed of a unique terrain type designed so that Olimar can only get Purple Pikmin. This is likely so that Olimar players would not constantly restart to get a Purple at an opportune moment, as the mechanics of the mode cause Purples to be the most useful Pikmin almost without question. (Even in Smash 4, where terrain no longer affects Pikmin plucking and they are normally plucked in a fixed order, Olimar still begins with three Purple Pikmin. Smash 4would go on to introduce...

    In For 3DS

    1. Attacks that usually cause a "screen-shaking" effect will not shake the screen while in the Home-Run Contest stadium. The same goes for the Target Blaststadium.

    Melee and Ultimate's Home-Run Contests has no voice clip for the announcer saying "Go!", unlike Brawl and Smash 4's Home-Run Contests.
    Jigglypuff is the only character in the mode that can be KO'd, by breaking its shield. Should this happen, Jigglypuff will respawn from the revival platform.
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