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  1. List of science fiction novels - Wikipedia › wiki › Science_fiction_novels

    This is a list of science-fiction novels, novel series, and collections of linked short stories. It includes modern novels, as well as novels written before the term "science fiction" was in common use.

  2. List of military science fiction works and authors - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_military_science

    This is a list of works in the military science fiction subgenre of science fiction, sorted by the creator's surname or, in case of film and television, the title.

  3. Wikipedia:WikiProject Books/List of books by title: H › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    Note: Titles that begin with an article (A, An, Das, Der, Die (German: the), L' , La, Las, Le, Los or The) should be listed under the next word in the title.Very famous books and books for children may be listed both places to help people find them.

  4. The Anubis Gates - Wikipedia › wiki › Anubis_Gates

    The Anubis Gates was chosen for Gollancz's Fantasy Masterworks (appearing as #47). Cheryl Morgan lists the novel among "12 Classic Steampunk Books." Chris Henderson reviews the book favorably in the December 1983 issue of Dragon Magazine. He calls it "one of the best books to appear on the shelves this year".

  5. Wikipedia:Spoken articles - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:Spoken_articles

    This page displays information about WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia. Articles under each subject heading are listed alphabetically (by surname for people). For help playing Ogg audio, see Help:Media. To request an article to be spoken, see Category:Spoken Wikipedia requests. For all other information, see the Spoken Wikipedia project page.

  6. William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Wikipedia › wiki › Bonguereau

    William-Adolphe Bouguereau (French pronunciation: [wiljam.adɔlf buɡ(ə)ʁo]; 30 November 1825 – 19 August 1905) was a French academic painter.In his realistic genre paintings he used mythological themes, making modern interpretations of classical subjects, with an emphasis on the female human body.

  7. Journey to the Center of the Earth - Wikipedia › wiki › A_Journey_to_the_Center_of

    Journey to the Center of the Earth (French: Voyage au centre de la Terre), also translated with the variant titles A Journey to the Centre of the Earth and A Journey into the Interior of the Earth), is a classic science fiction novel by Jules Verne. It was first published in French in 1864, then reissued in 1867 in a revised and expanded edition.

  8. New Age - Wikipedia › wiki › New_Age

    New Age is a range of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices which rapidly grew in the Western world during the 1970s. Precise scholarly definitions of the New Age differ in their emphasis, largely as a result of its highly eclectic structure.

  9. List of articles every Wikipedia should have/Version 1.0 - Meta › wiki › List_of_articles_every

    Version 1.0 of List of articles every Wikipedia should have refers to the revision done on August 14th, 2006 at 21:36.It has a total number of 1365 articles. Please DO NOT modify this list.

  10. There are a growing number of Wikipedia projects, some very active and others quite stagnant. I propose that we invigorate them by ensuring that they each contain a minimum amount of basic, useful information. This way, people will be encouraged to use these projects and help in their growth.

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