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    Florence (/ ˈ f l ɒr ən s / FLORR-ənss; Italian: Firenze [fiˈrɛntse] ) is a city in Central Italy and the capital city of the Tuscany region. It is the most populated city in Tuscany, with 360,930 inhabitants in 2023, and 984,991 in its metropolitan area.

  2. Florence ( Italian: Firenze) weathered the decline of the Western Roman Empire to emerge as a financial hub of Europe, home to several banks including that of the politically powerful Medici family. The city's wealth supported the development of art during the Italian Renaissance, and tourism attracted by its rich history continues today.

  3. Florence(Italian: Firenze) is the capital cityof the regionof Tuscany(Toscana), in Italy. From 1865 to 1870 the city was also the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. Florence is on the Arno River. The city has a populationof around 370,000 people, and a suburban population of over 2,000,000 people.

  4. Apr 28, 2023 · Florence, Italian Firenze, Latin Florentia, city, capital of Firenze provincia (province) and Toscana regione (region), central Italy. The city, located about 145 miles (230 km) northwest of Rome , is surrounded by gently rolling hills that are covered with villas and farms, vineyards, and orchards.

  5. Florence (en italien : Firenze, prononcé /fi'rɛntse/) est la huitième ville d'Italie par sa population 2 avec 385 000 habitants (1 500 000 dans l'agglomération), capitale de la région de Toscane et siège de la ville métropolitaine de Florence .

  6. Florentia (“The Flourishing Town”) was founded in 59 bce as a colony for soldiers of the armies of Rome and was laid out as a rectangular garrison town ( castrum) below the hilltop Etruscan town of Faesulae. Its streets formed a pattern of rectangular blocks, with a central forum, a temple to Mars, an amphitheatre, and public baths.

  7. Florence is an androgynous French and English given name. It is derived from the French version of (Saint) Florentia, a Roman martyr under Diocletian. [1] The Latin florens, florentius means "blossoming", verb floreo, meaning "I blossom / I flower / I flourish". Florence was in olden times also used as a translation of the Latin version ...

  8. Florence (Italian: Firenze) is the capital of the region of Tuscany in Italy, with a population of about 383,000 (2016). The city is a cultural, artistic and architectural gem, and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence was the home to powerful families, creative geniuses and ...

  9. Apr 16, 2023 · Florence [1] (Italian: Firenze) is the capital of the region of Tuscany in Italy, with a population of about 366,500. The city is considered a cultural, artistic and architectural gem. Understand The Duomo Florence was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

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    Florence (Italian: Firenze [fiˈrɛntse] , alternate obsolete spelling: Fiorenza; Laitin: Florentia) is the caipital ceety o the Italian region o Tuscany an o the province o Florence. It is the maist populous ceety in Tuscany, wi 367,569 inhabitants (1,500,000 in the metropolitan aurie).

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