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    From French dent-de-lion (“lion's tooth”), also in Late Latin dēns leōnis. The term has since died out in French (except in Swiss French), but compare Spanish diente de león, Portuguese dente-de-leão, Italian dente di leone, German Löwenzahn, Norwegian Bokmål løvetann, all descendants or loan translations of the Latin term.

    dandelion (countable and uncountable, plural dandelions) 1. (countable) Any of the several species of plant in the genus Taraxacum, characterised by yellow flower heads and notched, broad-ended leaves, especially the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). 2. (countable) The flower heador fruiting head of the dandelion plant. 3. (uncountable) A yellow colour, like that of the flower. 3.1. dandelion colour:

  2. Cichorium - Wikipedia

    Cichorium. Cichorium is a genus of plants in the dandelion tribe within the sunflower family. The genus includes two cultivated species commonly known as chicory or endive, plus several wild species. Common chicory ( Cichorium intybus) is a bushy perennial herb with blue or lavender (or, rarely, white or pink) flowers.

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    Gundelia is a low to high (20–100 cm) thistle-like perennial herbaceous plant with latex, spiny compound inflorescences, reminiscent of teasles and eryngos, that contain cream, yellow, greenish, pink, purple or redish-purple disk florets.

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    Platanus / ˈ p l æ t ə n ə s / is a genus consisting of a small number of tree species native to the Northern Hemisphere. They are the sole living members of the family Platanaceae . All members of Platanus are tall, reaching 30–50 m (98–164 ft) in height.

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    Maror is one of the foods placed on the Passover Seder Plate and there is a rabbinical requirement to eat maror at the Seder. Chazeret (Hebrew: חזרת ‎) is used for the requirement called korech, in which the maror is eaten together with matzo. There are various customs about the kinds of maror placed at each location.

  7. Dandelion - Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

    Dandelion: translation. Dandelion Dan"de*li`on, n. [F. dent de lion

  8. Taraxacum -

    The common name Dandelion (pronounced /ˈdændɨlaɪ.ən/ (DAN-dih-ly-un) is given to members of the genus, and like other members of the Asteraceae family, they have very small flowers collected together into a composite flower head. Each single flower in a head is called a floret.

  9. dandelion

    dandelion — 1. noun /ˈdæn.dɪ.laɪən/ a) Any of the several species of plant in the genus Taraxacum, characterised yellow flower heads and notched, broad ended leaves, especially the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). b) The flower head or fruiting head… …

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    Sweet food made by bees mostly using nectar from flowers A jar of honey with a honey dipper and an American biscuit Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honey bees and some related insects. Bees produce honey from the sugary secretions of plants (floral nectar) or from secretions of other insects (such as honeydew), by regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. Bees ...

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