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  1. FLUSHED AWAY (2006) is an adventure tale about a pet rat from a posh London neighborhood who is flushed out of his home and into the sewers, where he discovers a thriving rat city. Hugh Jackman voices Roddy, the rat from "up top" who doesn't realize how lonely he is until he gets a taste of life in the outside world.


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  3. Flushed Away Reviews - Metacritic

    "Flushed Away" isn't a great claymation movie. It kinda 'flushs' down the plot with revolving characters and settings. Nevertheless, the film still is a entertaining movie to watch (especially those 007 fans).

    • (28)
    • David Bowers, Sam Fell
    • PG
    • Hugh Jackman, Ian Mckellen, Kate Winslet
  4. Is this new movie "Flushed Away" about a turd? | Yahoo Answers

    Nov 04, 2006 · The movie "Flushed away" is about a pet mouse whose friend pushed him into the toilet. He now has to find a way to get back home as his friend replaces him. He meets someone who can help, and they end up in quite a jam with some frogs. I really want to see it and it should be really good!

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  6. Flushed Away - Plugged In

    The vast majority of violence in Flushed Away is very cartoonish. Characters are knocked around a good bit, such as when Roddy gets flushed down the loo. He bangs his head on pipes all the way down. His hand gets fried by a street vendor as if it were a hamburger patty. Repetitious slapstick shenanigans mark the bad guys’ pursuit of Rita and ...

  7. Flushed Away (2006) Movie Review - YouTube

    Here's My Review On The Final Aardman Movie Released By DreamWorks. Enjoy This Video, Please Make Sure To Give This Video A Thumbs Up, and Click Subscribe & ...

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    • Eric Creel The Trolls World Tour Fanboy 2002
  8. Flushed Away has to be one of the weirdest cartoon movies I've ever seen. The film has little to no plot at the beginning, and when it does it just retreads into familiarity as many films in the ...

    • adventure, animation, kids and family, comedy
  9. "Flushed Away" Movie Review - Jesus Freak Hideout

    Flushed Away is a witty and fun film. I found myself enjoying the film way more than I expected to. Subtle spoof gags were inserted throughout the movie, working well in each instance (although some gags have been used in other animated films).

  10. Flushed Away Movie Review - Common Sense Media

    FLUSHED AWAY tells the story of a snobby rat named Roddy (voiced by Hugh Jackman) who's living a cushy life in a London flat. His fancy cage is decked out with all of life's necessities, and when the flat's human residents are away, Roddy and his servant-rats live high on the hog. Sid (Shane Richie) is the exact opposite of Roddy.

  11. Flushed Away (2006) - IMDb

    Nov 03, 2006 · Directed by David Bowers, Sam Fell. With Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno. The story of an uptown rat that gets flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment, ending in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new and different way of life.