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  1. A small mod to add on to Create by adding numerous new flywheels and bringing them new functionality. 691.8K; Dec 19, 2022; Dec 19, 2022; 1.88 MB; 1.19.2; Fabric; Mods; Cosmetic; Player Transport

  2. Star 1. 1.20-fabric/dev. README. MIT license. Flywheel Fabric DM-Earth Edition. A modern engine for modded Minecraft. About. The goal of this project is to provide tools for mod developers so they no longer have to worry about performance, or limitations of Minecraft's archaic rendering engine.

  3. Jan 15, 2023 · Version ID. wvGHsmul. Download Flywheel (Legacy) 0.6.8.a on Modrinth. Supports 1.19.2 Forge. Published on Jan 15, 2023. 27153 downloads.

  4. This mod adds new flywheels from various materials that can be painted and rotate on trains in Create Fabric. It supports 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 versions and has localization for multiple languages.

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  6. An accessory rendering engine for block entities and entities. - Download the Minecraft Mod Flywheel (Legacy) by jozufozu on Modrinth

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