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    3 days ago · Radio broadcasting means transmission of audio (sound) to radio receivers belonging to a public audience. Analog audio is the earliest form of radio broadcast. AM broadcasting began around 1920. FM broadcasting was introduced in the late 1930s with improved fidelity. A broadcast radio receiver is called a radio. Most radios can receive both AM ...

    • How to start a radio station: the basics. Before delving into the process of creating our own radio station, let’s first get a clear understanding of what exactly a radio is and the different types available.
    • Creating the main concept of your radio station. So, you’re ready to embark on your journey of starting a new radio station. The first creative task awaits you, and it’s a crucial moment: defining the main concept of your radio station channel.
    • Branding: start your radio with style! Are you planning on a long-term project headed to success? Invest in your branding, and invest mostly in time, and thinking.
    • Where to find the music for your radio? This is a key point for any radio station: where to find the music for your radio? Which music can you broadcast?
  2. 3 days ago · A portable battery-powered AM/FM broadcast receiver, used to listen to audio broadcast by local radio stations. A modern communications receiver, used in two-way radiocommunication stations to talk with remote locations by shortwave radio. Girl listening to vacuum tubeconsole radio in the 1940s.

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  4. Sep 15, 2023 · The study examines the FM Radio Transmitters Market's competitive landscape and includes data on Rohde and Schwarz, Elenos, Eddystone Broadcast, Broadcast Electronics, Inc., SYES (System...

  5. Aug 27, 2023 · Equipment: Starting a radio station will require some hardware, like special antennas, transmitters and receivers. Additionally, studio soundproofing and other audio tools may be needed. Broadcasting Expertise: Expensive broadcasting software may be needed in order to meet certain industry standards as well as facilitate streaming of content on ...

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