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  1. Examples of Foreshadowing from Literature. 1. In Romeo and Juliet, the death of the two lovers is foreshadowed from the very beginning: "From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. Whose misadventures, piteous overthrows, do with their death, bury their parents' strife." 2.

  2. Foreshadowing definition, an indication of something that will happen in the future, often used as a literary device to hint at or allude to future plot developments: The gothic novel uses foreshadowing to build suspense.

  3. The meaning of FORESHADOWING is an indication of what is to come; also : the use of such indications (as in a work of literature). How to use foreshadowing in a sentence.

  4. Jun 14, 2022 · Foreshadowing Examples. In Back to the Future, one of the clocks in the opening credits has actor Harold Lloyd from the silem film Safety First hanging from the minute hand. This foreshadows Doc Brown hanging from the Hill Valley clock tower later in the movie as he tried to send Marty McFly back to the 1980s.

  5. In act 2 of Romeo and Juliet, there are examples of foreshadowing in Friar Laurence's soliloquy at the beginning of scene 3, and also in Friar Laurence's words to Romeo just before the marriage in ...

  6. Jan 20, 2019 · The definition of narrative is a piece of writing that tells a story, and it is one of four classical rhetorical modes or ways that writers use to present information. The others include an exposition, which explains and analyzes an idea or set of ideas; an argument, which attempts to persuade the reader to a particular point of view; and a description, a written form of a visual experience.

  7. Examples of Juxtaposition from Literature Example #1. IAGO: Zounds, sir, you’re robbed! For shame, put on your gown. Your heart is burst, you have lost half your soul. Even now, now, very now, an old black ram Is tupping your white ewe. Arise, arise, Awake the snorting citizens with the bell Or else the devil will make a grandsire of you ...

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