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    Margaret "Peggy" Deborah Gallagher (Louise Fletcher), also known as "Grammy", is the mother of Frank and his brothers and the Gallagher family matriarch. She is largely responsible for Frank's bad parenting due to her negligence and abuse towards him as a child.

  2. Peggy Gallagher | Shameless Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Peggy_Gallagher
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    A very loud overbearing woman, she was largely responsible for Frank's nature. Peggy often neglected her son and treated him very coldly, this would be reflected in her son's own parenting to his children. Peggy later emasculated her grown son and was notable for being the only person to shut him down completely. It is from Peggy that Frank developed his manipulative nature, this was seen when Peggy bribed her grandchildren with gifts and money to get on their good side and turn them against Frank until she was exposed. Like her family, she has violent tendencies but Peggy is much worse, as she once shot at Sheila, made plans to kidnap the children of her old drug buddy, and stabbed her own son in the leg with a screwdriver for trying to swindle her. In spite of her vile nature, she does come through for her family as she was happy when she met Lip and Ian. She spent time with the youngest grandchildren, though she was a bad influence on them. While it is unknown how she treated her...

    Season 1

    She is first mentioned in Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, where after the Gallagher kids inform Frank that he is Liam'sbiological father. He mentions the rumor of his mother sleeping with a black man, realizing the affair is what conceived him to make his parentage possible. She physically appears in Daddyz Girl, where Peggy was visited in prison by Lip and Ian. She was unaware of who the boys were until they inform her that they are her grandsons, via her son Frank and she gets pleased by this...

    Season 2

    In Can I Have a Mother, Peggy is sent home from prison after supposedly lying about her health. She immediately makes herself at home in the Gallagher Household, where she meets her other grandchildren Debbie, Carl, and Liam with them being surprised to finally see her. Peggy then knocks out a piece of the wall, she claims a gun and money while telling the kids not to tell Fiona as they are more than happy to keep her secrets after being handed a $100 bribe. Peggy later has Carl take her to t...

    Season 3

    In Order Room Service, Frank bonds with Carl and talks to him about his siblings turning on him. Frank mentions that he never did that to his mother while listing all the terrible things she did and the abuse he suffered before cursing her name.

    Similar to Monica, she had a terrible effect on Frank and caused most of his insecurities and terrible habits to emerge.
    According to her, she slept with some of the female inmates of the prison.
    She most likely went to jail before Debbie, Carl, and Liam were born since they didn't know her.
    She was familiar with Kev and Veronica.
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  3. List of Shameless (British TV series) characters - Wikipedia › wiki › Frank_Gallagher_(Shameless)

    Vernon Francis "Frank" Gallagher (born 12 March 1960) is the main protagonist of Shameless.He appeared in 136 episodes in total. Frank's hallmarks are drunken rants on a wide variety of literary, historical and philosophical subjects, usually returning to how decent, hard-working people, among whom he erroneously seems to count himself, are discriminated aga

    • 13 January 2004, Series 1 Episode 1, "Meet the Gallaghers"
    • Paul Abbott
    • 28 May 2013, Series 11 Episode 14, "End of the Line"
    • David Threlfall
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  5. Monica Gallagher | Shameless Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Monica_Gallagher
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    She returned to Chatsworth from Moston for a short time at the end of Series 1 and very briefly at the start of Series 3, but returned home for good at the beginning of Series 4 and resumed co-habiting with Frank. Although her intentions for this were unknown at first, a visit from her mother in Series 5 explained her backstory and a possible reason of why she returned to be with her children. Monica announced at the beginning of Series 5 that she was pregnant again, giving birth to Stella at the end of the series. However, in Series 6, the mounting pressure and her immature discontent over the lack of attention she was receiving drove her to leave again, in exactly the same way as last time: by telling one of the children she was going to buy a loaf of bread and then not returning. After being absent for the whole of Series 7, Monica returned once more in Series 8, upon the news that her daughter, Debbie, has been killed whilst serving in the Army. She continued her hostility to an...


    Monica's eldest daughter Fiona hated her mother because of her selfishness and abandonment, when Monica first returned to Chatsworth, Fiona stormed out on her family because she was sick of cleaning up after her bad parents. She did this because both Monica and Frank offered little gratitude for all her hard work though she secretly made sure the children were all fine, sending instructions behind her parents backs. On her return to Chatsworth "for good", Monica and her, then youngest, daught...


    Monica had a generally civil relationship with her sons, although Lip was initially hostile toward her when she came back for the first time after three years during Series 1. Ian and Carl were initially glad to have her back when she returned in Series 1. Ian would look after his mother when she was pregnant with Stella, and was present during her delivery. Carl was the happiest of all when Monica returned, perhaps being too young when she first left to hold any strong feelings against her....


    Norma was Monica's girlfriend of three years at the beginning of the series. Norma was hugely protective of Monica and hated Frank, both for what Monica had said about him (claiming that Frank used to hit, which shocked Frank when he was accused of this), and for being a rival for her affections. In the first series, Norma decided to help Frank escape his creditors by faking his death. When this was successfully pulled off, Frank later realized that being officially dead made him unable to cl...

    Elliot Tittensor posted a comment on his Twitter, on the 8/1/13, saying that he may be returning to Chatsworth for the final series, along with Monica's actress Annebel Apison. An article on Digital Spy confirms their return, along with Lip Gallagher, Fiona Gallagher, Kevin Ball, and Yvonne Karib. No other characters returns are known of, or confirmed, at this time. Monica appears in Episode 1113 when a gunman comes to the Chatsworth Estate looking for Frank, due to his antics with the Gastric bandits. It appears that Monica is no longer living with Mildred Fletcher (see Series 8). And it can be inferred, when Monica claimed that she wanted to see her seven kids, that her son, Liam, has also left her sometime after the events in Series 8. By the end of Episode 13 of Series 11, Monica appears to have moved back in with Frank and Stella. In final episode of Shameless, Episode 1114, Frank returns from prison for benefit fraud, some several months after the events of Episode 13. While i...

    Monica has appeared in most series of Shameless excluding Series 2, Series 7, Series 9and Series 10.

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  6. Monica Gallagher (US) | Shameless Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Monica_Gallagher_(US)
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    Although Monica was not exactly a good person, it has been shown that she always means well for her family. Due to her bipolar disorder and her addiction to drugs and alcohol, she is often unable to control herself, but at least tries to do what she thinks will benefit the Gallaghers. She also has a habit of portraying herself as the victim of her and Frank's disputes when she usually instigates them. In spite of her faults, Monica loves her family and has come through for them. This was seen when she allowed Ian who left the army to stay with her, helped Debbie reclaim her child after being excited at having a granddaughter, attempted to make amends with her other children in her last return.

    According to Frank, he met Monica at a concert when she was being chased by a man who raped her. They fell in love and married a week after dating. The two soon had a family though neither were attentive to their children because of their bad habits and their series of affairs. Sometime later, Monica left her family prior to the series starting, something that all the Gallagher children resent her for to some degree (Fiona and Lip especially). At the time the older kids were 19 (Fiona), 15 (Lip), & 14 (Ian).

    Season 1

    After another of Frank's money making schemes, Monica appears in But at Last Came a Knock and it is revealed that Monica is bisexual and dating a proud black lesbian called Roberta(but prefers to be called Bob). Roberta threatens the Gallagher clan with taking Liam to live with her and Monica as he needs to be raised by a black parent. In Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, Monica takes over as a caretaker for the kids and scrambles at the stress of doing so. She and Bob later take Liamto a DNA cli...

    Season 2

    Following the death of his mother Peggy Gallagher in Parenthood, Frank tracks her down and confides in her of this. Monica comes back to live with the family, saying she is back for good. During Hurricane Monica, it is revealed that she suffers from bipolar disorder but does not take her medication. Her recent bad decisions and discontinuation of taking her medications lead to her attempting suicide but the family managed to get her to hospital in time to save her. When she was physically rec...

    Season 4

    Monica is mentioned when it is discovered Ian has been staying with her after running away from the Gallagher home. They live in a old, damp, damaged house with an old woman. After Lip and Debbie arrive looking for Ian, they are told Monica no longer lives there with Ian anymore. During this season, Ian begins showing mental health issues very similar to his mother which would explain his desire to find her again.

    She is a military brat, due to her father being in the Navy.
    It is implied if Frank had not met her, he would have been an upstanding working man had he stayed in college.
    She always thought Liam was not Frank's son but he turns out to be his, while Ianwas not Frank's.
    Frank mentions in God Bless Her Rotting Soul, that Monica once nailed him to a cross as a sexual act.
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  7. › wiki › Louise_Fletcher Cached In 2011–2012, she appeared in a recurring role on the television series Shameless as Frank Gallagher's foul-mouthed and hard-living mother who is serving a prison sentence for manslaughter.

  8. Shameless (British TV series) - Wikipedia › wiki › Shameless_(British_TV_series)

    Shameless initially focused on the layabout Frank Gallagher and the lives of his six children, Fiona and boyfriend Steve, Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie and Liam, and next door neighbours, Kev and Veronica. Later the Maguire family was introduced: Paddy , his wife, Mimi , and their three sons— Jamie , Shane and Micky —and daughter, Mandy .

  9. Louise Fletcher - Wikipedia › wiki › Louise_Fletcher

    In 2011–2012, she appeared in a recurring role on the television series Shameless as Frank Gallagher's foul-mouthed and hard-living mother who is serving a prison sentence for manslaughter. She portrayed the recurring role of Rosie on the series Girlboss (2017).

  10. Frank Gallagher (US) | Shameless Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Frank_Gallagher_(US)
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    A hopeless alcoholic and troublemaker, Frank is usually shown passed out drunk on the floors around the house when he's not at the bar spending what little money the family has. Frank is careless, selfish and completely narcissistic as he hasn't done anything in his life but collect disability checks and get intoxicated. He is also abusive, conniving, being in Lip's and his own words, a \\"total f*cking asshole.\\" He provides next to nothing in the way of parenting or financial support and usually serves as one of the main headaches in the Gallagher household. Frank has also shown that he would give up his own children if it meant he could get booze (or money to get booze).

    His upbringing from his similarly abusive mother, Peggy, is most likely the cause of his manipulative, selfish, and neglectful tendencies. Frank had even wished pain on her after she continued her ways on him and putting him in his place, which is something nobody else could do. Frank heavily resented his mother, though he showed care for her as he attempted to make amends with her and was quick to prevent her from kidnapping children since she would go back to prison. He even stopped himself from nearly killing her in her sleep but did lash out at her for her verbal abuse. However, he rejoiced at his mother's death because he was freed of her. Not much is known of his status with his father, though it is suggested he resented his father too, as he told Sammi about him being beaten by his father. However, Frank did express nostalgia when telling Carl that his father took him on his first heist. He seemed surprised to learn that the man was not his father, since he realized he was the result of an affair after Liam's paternity was revealed to him. While not much is known about his status with his siblings: Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt, Frank suggested that he extended his resentment to them and stated he alone suffered while his brothers were the favorites and supposedly got off free. Despite that, he and Clayton were once ushers together as children but had falling out. Even as an adult, Frank continued to harbor this disdain to his brothers as he never told his kids about them, was angry one of them was Ian's true father from an affair with Monica, that his mother sent them money while he got none, despite him being dragged into caring for her and Clayton sending him off with nothing. Despite the fact that Frank is quite intelligent by finishing high school and going to college, the people who know him often regard him as nothing more than a rambling drunk who provides amusement or aggravation (depending on the day). This often includes his children, who spend extraordinary amounts of time cleaning up whatever mess Frank has thrown himself into at the moment. Frank is a master manipulator, possibly because he studied psychology in college and because of his time with his controlling mother. In college, he met his future wife Monica, and dropped out of school after only one semester.

    In spite of his many faults and treatment, Frank does love his children and at times proves himself a better parent than either his mother or Monica, even rivaling Fiona and Lip. This is best seen when he bonded with his family while getting sober, was upset to learn Ian wasn't his son, where he begged forgiveness from Lip and allowed him to urinate on him as his punishment after he supposedly slept with the latter's girlfriend Karen, felt guilt at losing Liam in a bet and worked to reclaim him, spoke highly of all his children to his mother and firmly told her to stay away from his family, bonded with Fiona over neglectful parents, felt guilt about his past neglect when Fiona brought it up in court, took the fall for Carl in a robbery and stated that's what family does, celebrated Lip's graduation with him, justified Carl's attack on bullies since he was defending his little brother, while recovering from surgery he mistook a dying little girl (whose real father abandoned her) for Fiona as a child and made promises on being a better father while being devastated the girl died, he appreciated Carl helping him with his liver problem by sharing a beer and hug with him after the surgery, and supporting his daughter Debbie throughout her pregnancy and being a teen mother. He continues to call Ian his son, despite learning that he is biologically his nephew from an affair. He also does not scorn Ian for his sexuality and treats him like his other children. While he did not think much of his estranged oldest daughter Samantha, he bonded with her enough to confide in her about his upbringing with his parents and siblings, something that he never did with the other kids. He also appreciated her caring for him in his time of need and expressed pride in her knowledge of scamming people, deeming her a true Gallagher. He bonded with his grandson Chuckie and protected him from bullies after he came to accept him as part of the family, despite once not thinking highly of him and getting him imprisoned. He indirectly protected Carl from angry thugs by picking up his business after he decided to give up his gang life ways, wanted to go to his daughter Fiona's wedding because he missed many other events in her life and tried to pay for the event by blackmailing the family of his granddaughter. He was happy that his granddaughter Frances Gallagher was named after him and bonded with the new addition to the family. He soon warned Fiona not to marry Sean after the latter had a relapse, even though doing so got him kicked out of the house and estranged from the family for a while. He was hurt by Carl's statement that the family (kinda) hoped he'd die after being thrown off the bridge by them. He was also hurt by their cold treatment of him in his moment of pain in the wheelchair. He named his new adopted children after his real children and spoke about them constantly, showing that he missed his family despite disowning them and their actions on him. He still got along with his youngest son Liam, allowing him to stay his child and later getting him into private school after seeing him being bullied in public school and was happy to be called a good father by him. After being abandoned by his adoptive family, he slowly made amends with his real family and fixed up the house for them and helped in other ways until he was accepted again. At Monica's funeral, he called all his children strong for how they turned out, showing he is proud of them in spite of his neglectful ways. After the funeral, he is seen very happy to be accepted by them again and forgave their transgressions on him. In the month after Monica's death, he resolved to put in the effort to change his ways and apologized to his kids for what he has done to them and while they are not properly convinced he still tried hard. However, he showed his change was genuine by threatening an armed meth head who came after the family and promised death on him if he ever came near his children again as they were surprised at his defending of them. He was seen proud of himself as he accepted Fiona's gratitude for the event. Frank continued by choosing to show real parental affection to his son Liam after realizing he was never fatherly to him and he even had fun bonding with him. He later made sure that Liam got a proper education, gave helpful advice to the oldest children, such as telling Lip to internally ready after making a change and telling Ian about religion something that caught both by surprise and to thank him. He supported the union of his son Carl and Kassidi, most likely because they resembled himself and Monica. Even after falling back into his old ways, he continues to show his love for the family such as when he empathized with Fiona over her drunken slump and told Lip to cut her some slack, since he knew the pain she was going through. He even gave his daughter advice on stopping her drinking, presumably because he realized she was turning into him. While dealing with his leg injury, he bonded with his granddaughter to pass the time by reading her a story several times. When Fiona was preparing to leave, Frank took the time to tell her of how she did a good job in helping to care for the family, nearly breaking into tears at parting with his daughter as she took his words with a smile and knew that he was just wishing her well and they parted on good terms.

    Frank has a very disheveled appearance, often wearing dirty clothes. He is generally unshaven with long, greasy hair, and he often appears thin and underfed. Frank generally looks homeless (because half of the time he actually is), but is occasionally able to clean himself up when the circumstances call for it.

    Frank grew up as the son of Peggy Gallagher and an Unnamed Father. He had three brothers Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt. Not much is known about his childhood, though he mentions to being abused by his parents even when he did nothing. Frank mentions that his parents favored his brothers, more than they did him but stated his father took him on his first heist as a young child and they stole plenty. As a teenager, he and his brother Clayton served as ushers together.

    According to Frank, he met Monica at a concert when she was being chased by a man who raped her. They fell in love and married about two weeks after dating, with Frank dropping out of college to be with her. The two soon had a family though neither were attentive to their children because of their bad habits and their series of affairs.

    Twelve years before the start of the series, Frank's mother was imprisoned for running a series of meth labs and causing the death of two people in an explosion and he always hoped she die in prison. At another point, his Aunt Ginger died of an overdose at a party and he buried her body in the backyard while scamming the state that she was alive to not lose his house. Sometime later, Monica left the family prior to the series starting, something that devastated Frank and he began to neglect the Gallagher children who came to resent him to some degree (Fiona, Lip, and Ian especially) but still love him in a way since he stayed around. Frank is introduced as the deadbeat, at times absent father who is constantly drunk. The Gallagher children often find him passed out in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the backyard. They have learned to live without him in their life. Frank is complacent in his life as a drunk, and he is a regular at the local bar, The Alibi Room. Frank gets into a lot of shenanigans since he is drunk 90% of the day. One day, after a drunken episode, he wakes up in Canada. He tries to convince the authorities that he is a citizen of the United States after two old joggers report him.

    Frank lures Monica back to sign his settlement but when she returns in But at Last Came a Knock Monica reveals she is bisexual and wants to marry her partner Bob as well as have Frank hand over rights to the kids as well as do a paternity test for Liam, which Frank allows During Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, Frank soon avoids an investigator on his disability check and is told by Monica to get the kids on board with the Liam decision for her signature. Frank confronts Fiona and V, telling her that he will get his money and she better get used to the decision of her parents. Late on, he is able to get rid of the investigator by making him think that he injured Carl who already injured himself. At the Alibi, Frank is celebrating his victory when he is visited by Fiona, Lip, Carl, and Debbie who he tries to shoo away since he wondered where Monica was. However, they inform him that Monica was getting a paternity test for Liam and tell him he is the latter's biological father. Frank is obviously shocked to learn this, though remembers his mother's rumored affair and realizes its true. He argues with his kids before Lip punches him, out of disgust while Fiona criticizes him. At dinner, Frank argues with Monica and soon learns from Lip that he is not Ian's father, to his shock. As Frank struggles to understand Ian explains that Frank isn't his father but they are still related, since Ian is revealed to be the child of one of Frank's estranged brothers, making him Frank's nephew from a drug fueled affair of Monica. Frank is upset at both her doing drugs without him as well as cheating on him with his brother. Frank also kisses her in the argument until Bob breaks it up.

    After he allegedly had intercourse with Karen in Daddyz Girl, it is later revealed that no penetration actually occurred. Frank had to hide from an angry Eddie since he saw a recording of the event. Lip also attacked Frank for the incident until Kev stopped it. Much later, Frank was able to evade Eddie and returned to the Gallagher House where he called out for Lip and genuinely asked him to accept his apology. Frank told his son that he'd do anything for his forgiveness, to which Lip responds by urinating on him from his window. At first, Frank is upset but allows this to be his punishment and lets this occur. Without saying another word, Frank walks away, with both father and son unknowingly sharing a smile.

    Frank, after losing a bet with a fellow bar patron, is now in over his head $10,000, and Karen refuses to let him steal the money from Sheila again; Frank uses Liam to win sympathy panhandling, until the bar patron takes Liam as collateral for the money. During Father Frank, Full of Grace Sheila is simultaneously trying to find Eddie (who committed suicide last season) and working on being outside her home. Frank then goes out of way to reclaim his son and with help of his children succeeds. He tries to apologize to Fiona who has him leave the house. As Sheila conquers her agoraphobia, a worried Frank finds a new financial plan in fellow bar patron Dottie, whose declining health and city pension make her an ideal match; Frank decides to do anything to get Dottie's money, including marrying her and intercepting the page telling her she has a new heart. There just are no limits on how low Frank will go. During A Bottle of Jean Nate, Frank later tries to get his mother back in prison but nothing works and he is forced to submit to her will. He later attempts to get Fiona on his side but she likes her grandmother over and ignores his protests. However, Fiona soon sees her father is right when Peggy builds a meth lab in the basement which Carl destroys. Frank is approached by Fiona who plots with him to get rid of her. However, he learns his mother is dying of pancreatic cancer and is left surprised. Eventually in Order Room Service, he runs into Carl, who sneaks him in the van in the backyard. After a moment with Carl that night, Frank and Carl come up with a plan to steal from Carl's previous foster parents once he tells him his father took him on a theft. When Carl gets caught by the cops, Lip tries to defend his brother before Frank appears on the scene. The officers tell him they are bringing Carl in, but Frank takes the fall for his son by claiming it was him who stole, proving it by revealing one of the stolen items and stating he forced Carl to give him the code. As a result, Frank is charged with theft and arrested by police and tells his children to hang on as he is taken away with a surprised Lip, Carl, and Ian watching. During Survival of the Fittest, while in jail Frank's alcoholism begins to catch up with him as he can barely stand as his body and health begins to deteriorate. He is released from custody on technicality, he tries to spend time with Lip when he runs into him at The Alibi Room and tells him that he took the blame for Carl since he was family. He then hears Lip graduated school and congratulates him, where the two challenge each other on doing push-ups. Afterwards, Frank decides to continue the bond by having Lip join him for a steak dinner, in Lip calls him Dad. Frank is further proud of him when he suggests they dine and ditch before they go skate at the park. It was there when Frank is rushed to the hospital after falling down unconscious and vomiting blood. Fiona visits him in the hospital denying Carl and Debbie access. After she tells Lip to go home, she sits down and talks with Frank. Fiona tells Frank that she would have preferred that he died since the thing she fears the most about Frank is him not caring for his own kids. Fiona then informs Frank how much her and the rest of the kids love him and want him to change. Carl visits Frank at the hospital and shaves his head, as it's presumed Frank may have cancer. Eventually Frank decides to get out of bed and walks out of the hospital and on to the streets. He walks alone alongside an empty bridge as the winter snow begins to fall.

    However in Just Like the Pilgrims Intended, he is later angered to hear that she sent all of his brothers money while leaving him nothing in spite of him helping her. Frank decides to visit his brother Clayton Gallagher along with an ill Monica to get money. Once there, Clayton is not pleased to see him and Frank tries to guilt him by mentioning him taking care of their ill mother before her death. After Clayton clarifies that he didn't know she was released, Frank asks his brother for some of the money to make amends. However, Clayton had already used the money to pay his mortgage and orders him out. Clayton also resists Monica's advances and watches as they leave. Frank loses the support of his daughter Debbie after he ruins her project, this causes her to physically attack him with a bag of soap until he loses consciousness and he is thrown away by Lip and Ian. Frank later calls Child Services at the Alibi in an attempt to get back into the Gallagher house, as he has been kicked out by Fiona. In the episode \\"The Sins of My Caretaker\\" an Asian woman is hesitating to go into the Gallagher house. A bloody Mickey is seen being carried into the house from getting shot at a failed robbery attempt. Fiona walks in when she hears Mickey screaming in agony as Dr. Lishman is removing a bullet from his buttocks in the kitchen. The daycare is out of order and Debbie, wearing a bathing suit walks in excited about her growing up moment at the pool. Fiona is surprised to see an unknown woman in the house and asks who she is. The Asian woman replies that she is with CPS. Much to Fiona's surprise and dismay, she later finds out that Frank had called child services. When she searches for the rest of the Gallaghers to see what homes they were placed in, she eventually convinces Frank to participate in a parenting class. In exchange, Frank asks for a free room back at the house and Fiona agrees. She at first looks for Monica. She calls her grandmother, Monica's mother, who apparently didn't remember her own daughter, but failed to find her and resorted to Sheila with the help of Frank. Sheila was again bothered that Frank showed up again to her house but agreed. Fiona asked the social worker who contacted CPS on her family to which the worker reluctantly allowed her to listen in secret due to violation rules. Fiona hears the tape and recognizes Frank's voice.

    Afterwards, Fiona moves to file suit and convince the courts to terminate Frank's parental rights. A custody fight in court gave Fiona the position of legal guardianship of the Gallagher children but Frank still has rights as a parent. As a result, Frank has been kicked out of his home and finds himself sleeping on the subway and fighting with homeless men. They are later visited by the other Gallagher children, with Carl helping Sammi in tending to Frank. Later on, Frank has to appear at Carl's school conference for his attack on bullies who made fun of Liam. Frank is taken there by Sammi and defends his son's actions, as he was defending his brother and he may have helped better the victim's lives and uses examples of those bullied that gained success. His act caused the school to drop the trouble against Carl.

    In the finale, Frank goes to the hospital and is granted a liver from a donor and gets his life saved. After being released from the hospital and successfully getting a new liver, Frank is wheeled out by Carl along the Chicago waterfront where Frank takes out a can of beer and victoriously rejoices about surviving and still being able to drink. Frank then shares the beer with Carl to thank him for his help in his time of need. Father and son soon hug at Frank's recovery.

    Frank is upset with Sammi and ignores her for a while. He later decides to return home, establishing it was his home before any of them came along.

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