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  1. Marita Lorenz

    Marita Lorenz

    German who had affair with Fidel Castro
  1. According to Lorenz, she met him again before the Kennedy assassination in 1963 in the house of Orlando Bosch, with Frank Sturgis, Pedro Luis Díaz Lanz, and two other Cubans present. She said the men studied Dallas street maps and that she suspected that they were planning on raiding an arsenal.

    • 31 August 2019 (aged 80), Oberhausen, Germany
  2. Sturgis recruited 19 year old Marita Lorenz, who was close to Fidel Castro, and she took CIA pills, which she hid in her face cream, to poison Castro, but the plot failed. According to Lorenz, she met Sturgis again before the Kennedy assassination in 1963 with others planning a big event.

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  4. Nov 1, 1993 · In 1975, after doing a 14-month jail stint for Watergate, Frank Sturgis decided to tell all about his life as a double agent, including his and Marita Lorenz’s attempts on Castro’s life, in...

  5. Sep 5, 2019 · In her telling, she, Frank Sturgis (who was later convicted as one of the Watergate burglars) and Lee Harvey Oswald drove that night to Dallas, where they met with Jack Ruby and E. Howard Hunt...

  6. Marita Lorenz, a German expatriate who had lived in Cuba, said he was involved in the assassination of JFK. Lorenz, who was was friends with Sturgis in the early 1960s, said she met Lee Harvey Oswald in the company of Sturgis and other anti-Castro Cubans in 1963.

  7. Aug 5, 2017 · On October 31, 1977, at approximately 2130 hours Det. Mathew Rosenthal and Det. Jim Rothstein arrested Frank Sturgis when he came to assassinate Marita Lorenz, a witness to the planning of the Kennedy assassination. When Sturgis rang Marita to gain entry to the building, Rosenthal and Rothstein assumed their position.

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