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    Mr. Whiskers is Weird Girl's beloved pet cat. He is a persian cat that has white, fluffy fur and large eyes. Weird Girl claims that whenever he dreams about someone, something "big" happens to that individual. Mr. Whiskers is usually quiet and has a tendency to stare unblinkingly at people, much like his owner. However, he seems to enjoy taunting the neighborhood dogs, such as Sparky. The one person he seems to show any actual affection towards is his owner, a sentiment she readily reciprocates.

    Something big did happen that day. At Victor's baseball game, Victor's dog Sparky was hit by a car and died. Heartbroken, Victor reanimated Sparky and kept him hidden in the basement. However, Mr. Whiskers snuck over to the house and started to taunt Sparky. Sparky retaliated by chasing the cat to Mr. Burgermeister's lawn, where Mr. Whiskers climbed up the house, but not before knocking down Burgermeister's plastic flamingos. Mr. Whiskers flew to the science fair where the other monsters had been destroyed. As Weird Girl called to him, Mr. Whiskers flew towards Elsa Van Helsing's dog Persephoneand grabbed onto her and flew away with her in his grasp. Both Elsa and Victor chased after them while Sparky ran away to get the angry mob, who chased after him, thinking he took Elsa. Elsewhere, Mr. Whiskers had taken Persephone to the windmill and Elsa followed and grabbed Persephone. Elsa climbed up the stairs while Mr. Whiskers crawled up after her, and flew up and hit her in the head, ca...

    Mr. Whiskers' mutated form is based on Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. The way he dies is also possibly based on Dracula's death, since they both die by getting impaled by a stake....
    His death is one of the most violent and realistic Disney Villain deaths.
    His last prediction led to his death.
    Mr. Whiskers is not to be confused for the rabbit character of the same name from the 2004-2006 Disney Channel animated TV series Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.
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  3. Vampire Cat | Frankenweenie Wiki | Fandom

    The Vampire Cat is the primary antagonist of the Frankenweenie.

    • staked through the heart
    • Mr. Whiskers
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  5. Frankenweenie Cat Mr. Whiskers. Needle Felted Cat. White Cat ...

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    Before his mutation, Mr. Whiskers was very quiet and nonviolent, as he would often stare at other people and animals, and would meow occasionally. Whether he was actually dreaming about them is unknown but possible. He seemed to like his owner. He appeared to like bothering the dogs though, as he comes to Victor's house and appears to taunt Sparky, leading to the dog chasing him.

    After school, Weird Girl went to talk to Victor while holding Mr. Whiskers. There, Weird Girl explained her prediction that Mr. Whiskers was a psychic because he would leave droppings in the shape of a letter that would be the first letter in someone's name. She explained Mr. Whiskers did this three times before. He did it with Bob, who later fell in a hole, he dreamed of Toshiaki, the day he pitched a perfect baseball game, and dreamed of Nassor, who was knocked out while playing the umpire. Weird Girl tried to give the dropping to Victor, who refused the offer and rode away on his bike. When he left, Weird Girl shook Mr. Whiskers in the air and asked him if he would dream of her. The cat remained silent. Something big did happen that day. At Victor's baseball game, Victor's dog Sparky was hit by a car and died. Heartbroken, Victor reanimated Sparky and kept him hidden in the basement. However, Mr. Whiskers snuck over to the house and started to taunt Sparky. Sparky retaliated by c...

    Mr. Whiskers is constantly confused to be the hidden secondary and tertiary antagonist. This is not true as he drives the plot, has bigger plans, and is the most villainous character.

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    Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) is an 11-year old elementary school-aged boy living in quaint, suburban \\"New Holland.\\" His simple family consists of himself, his father Ben Frankenstein (Martin Short), his mother Susan Frankenstein (Catherine O'Hara), and the loyal family dog Sparky. Victor has produced a new '50s style monster movie, starring Sparky as the monster that flattens Victor's handmade, cardboard town, populated with his toys and action figures. Ben and Susan applaud as the mov...

    1. Charlie Tahan as Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who brings his dog (and best friend) Sparky back to life. 2. Catherine O'Hara as Susan Frankenstein, Victor's Mother / Gym Teacher / Weird Girl, an eccentric girl who is one of Victor's classmates and obsessed with the psychic predictions of her cat, Mr. Whiskers 3. Martin Short as Ben Frankenstein, Victor's father / Nassor, Toshiaki's partner and Victor's other rival-like former enemy, who has a flat head inspired by Frankenstein's...

    Although Tim Burton signed with Disney to direct two films in Disney Digital 3D, including Alice in Wonderland and his remake of Frankenweenie, development for its full-length stop motion version dates as far back as November 2005, when scripts had been written by Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott. John August was approached for a rewrite in 2006, but was not hired until January 2009. Like the original, the feature version is shot in black and white. Many of the animation artists and crew fro...

    The film was initially set for release in November 2011, before Disney moved it to March 9, 2012. In January 2011, Box Office Mojo announced the film's new release date for October 5, 2012 with John Carter replacing the film for the once planned March 9, 2012 release. The film premiered on September 20, 2012, on the opening night of Fantastic Fest, an annual film festival in Austin, Texas. The film opened the London Film Festival on October 10 in the UK.

    1. Some of the characters represent famous monsters/people: 1. Victor Frankenstein: Dr. Frankenstein 2. Elsa Van Helsing: Her first name is an homage to Elsa Lanchester, the titular character in {{Wikipedia:Bride of Frankenstein}}. The \\"Van Helsing\\" part is a reference to Professor Abraham Van Helsing, a vampire hunter who is Count Dracula's nemesis. 3. Mr. Rzykruski: Burton's childhood icon, Vincent Price. 4. Edgar \\"E\\" Gore: Igor 5. Sparky & Nassor: Frankenstein's Monster 6. Mr. Whiskers: A...

  8. Mr. Whiskers | Villains Wiki | Fandom

    Mr. Whiskers is the climax's and therefore main antagonist of Disney/Tim Burton's 2012 stop-motion animated film Frankenweenie.

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