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  1. Frankfurt Airport - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Frankfurt am Main Airport (IATA: FRA, ICAO: EDDF) (German: Flughafen Frankfurt am Main [ˈfluːkhaːfn̩ ˌfʁaŋkfʊʁt ʔam ˈmaɪn], also known as Rhein-Main-Flughafen) is a major international airport located in Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city of Germany and one of the world's leading financial centres.

  2. | Frankfurt Airport evacuation sparked by ...

    1 day ago · Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1, along with its adjacent train station, was shut down on Saturday evening amid a large-scale police operation, involving both state and federal law enforcement. It was reported initially that the evacuation was triggered by a piece of abandoned luggage.

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  3. Nuremberg U-Bahn - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Since the single-track tunnel between Ziegelstein and Flughafen (Airport) could only accommodate a train frequency of 400 seconds at the time (or roughly one train every 6 2 ⁄ 3 minutes), only every second train during the day ran to the airport, while the other trains reversed at Ziegelstein. On their way back all trains were designated as ...

    • 410,000
    • 49
    • 3
    • 38.2 km (23.7 mi)
  4. What Motivates Hollering “Allahu Akbar” | whatyareckon

    1 day ago · Terminal 1 of the airport was evacuated and footage saw armed officers surrounding a suspect while all passengers were seen standing outside the airport with the regional train station also closed. A Federal Police Directorate Frankfurt Main Airport spokesman said: ‘A federal police patrol approached a Slovenian man who was not wearing mouth ...

  5. Germany: Muslim “known to police” screams “I’ll kill you all ...

    1 day ago · “Frankfurt International Airport evacuated as armed police swoop on suspect ‘dumping a suitcase and shouting “Allahu Akbar,”‘ by Emily Webber, Mailonline, January 16, 2021 (thanks to Marc):

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    1 day ago · Direct buses serve Düsseldorf Main Station up to 7 times a day; the journey taking 1h 15min. Airexpressbus offered from June 2007 until spring 2017 a service between Weeze Airport and Amsterdam with stops at Eindhoven Airport, 's-Hertogenbosch, and Utrecht. Train

  8. 1 day ago · A suspended monorail connects the terminal building with the InterCity and ICE train station (High speed and extremely high speed trains). The so-called SkyTrain travels the 2.5 kilometers between the terminal and station at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. It started operation in 2002, replacing a shuttle bus service, and is not free of charge to use.

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