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  1. Bamberg - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Military bases. Bamberg was an important base for the Bavarian, German and then American military stationed at Warner Barracks. Warner Barracks was closed in the fall of 2014, with the last battalion leaving being the 54th Engineer Battalion and returned to the German government.

  2. Long-range reconnaissance patrol - Wikipedia

    The modern US Army long-range reconnaissance patrol concept was created in 1956 by the 11th Airborne Division in Augsburg, Germany. They patrolled near the Czechoslovakian and East German borders, then members of the Communist Warsaw Pact states, and in event of war in Europe would be inserted behind enemy lines to provide surveillance and to ...

  3. Pan Am Flight 103 - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · Targets specified are Pan Am Airlines and US military bases.' Five weeks before this warning, Jibril's right-hand man, Haffez Dalkamoni, had been arrested in Frankfurt with a known bomb-maker, Marwen Khreesat. "Later US intelligence officials confirmed that members of the group had been monitoring Pan Am's facilities at Frankfurt airport.

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  4. List of Slovenian records in athletics - Wikipedia

    20 hours ago · Stuttgart, Germany 2000 m steeplechase: 5:47.79 Maruša Mišmaš: 19 February 2020 Meeting Hauts de France Pas de Calais: Liévin, France High jump: 2.00 m : Britta Bilač: 9 February 1994 Frankfurt, Germany Pole vault: 4.74 m Tina Šutej: 23 February 2020 Perche Elite Tour Clermont-Ferrand, France Long jump: 6.67 m Nina Kolarič: 6 March 2009

  5. Gee (navigation) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Gee, sometimes written GEE, was a radio navigation system used by the Royal Air Force during World War II.It measured the time delay between two radio signals to produce a fix, with accuracy on the order of a few hundred metres at ranges up to about 350 miles (560 km).

  6. Microsoft Flight Simulator full review – Stormbirds

    1 day ago · In the annals of simulation history, few titles command a legacy and presence that Microsoft's long running Flight Simulator series has enjoyed. The original released in 1982 and that was followed by a long line of simulators that pushed the abilities of each successful PC generation.

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