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    Frankfurt (officially: Frankfurt am Main (German: [ˈfʁaŋkfʊʁt ʔam ˈmaɪn] ; Hessian: Frangford am Maa, lit. "Frank ford on the Main")) is a metropolis and the largest city of the German state of Hesse. Its 763,380 inhabitants as of December 31, 2019 make it the fifth-largest city in Germany.

  2. Frankfurt (Oder) - Wikipedia

    'Frankfurt on the Oder') is a town in Brandenburg, Germany, located on the west side of the Oder River, on the Germany-Poland border, about 80 kilometres (50 mi) east of Berlin. The town's recorded history began in the 13th century as a West Slavic settlement.

  3. Frankfurt Airport - Wikipedia

    Frankfurt am Main Airport (IATA: FRA, ICAO: EDDF) (German: Flughafen Frankfurt am Main [ˈfluːkhaːfn̩ ˌfʁaŋkfʊʁt ʔam ˈmaɪn], also known as Rhein-Main-Flughafen) is a major international airport located in Frankfurt, the fifth-largest city of Germany and one of the world's leading financial centres.

  4. Frankfurt am Main, commonly referred to as Frankfurt, is one of the biggest cities in Germany. The city of Frankfurt has a population of 700,000. The metropolitan area, called Rhine-Main after its two biggest rivers, has over four million people. Frankfurt is an important centre for traffic and for the financial business.

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  6. Frankfurt Germany Temple - Wikipedia

    Coordinates The Frankfurt Germany Temple is the 43rd constructed and 41st operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church Located in the city of Friedrichsdorf, Germany, it was built with the same general architecture as the six-spire design used in the Boise, Chicago, and Dallas temples, but it was only given a single-spire.

    • 24,170 sq ft (2,245 m²)
    • 5.2 acres (2.1 hectares)
  7. Frankfurt Parliament - Wikipedia

    The Frankfurt Parliament (German: Frankfurter Nationalversammlung, literally Frankfurt National Assembly) was the first freely elected parliament for all of Germany, including the German-populated areas of Austria-Hungary, elected on 1 May 1848 (see German federal election, 1848).

  8. Rhein-Main Air Base - Wikipedia

    Rhein-Main Air Base (located at ) was a United States Air Force air base near the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany It was a Military Airlift Command (MAC) and United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) installation, occupying the south side of Frankfurt Airport .

  9. Frankfurt synonyms, Frankfurt pronunciation, Frankfurt translation, English dictionary definition of Frankfurt. also Frank·furt am Main A city of west-central Germany on the Main River. Founded in the first century ad by the Romans, it was the virtual capital of...

  10. List of universities in Germany - Wikipedia

    This is a list of the ten oldest universities that have been in continuous operation since their founding in present-day Germany.. Some universities were established in the 14th or 15th centuries, but shut down for longer periods and later re-opened (e.g. the universities of Cologne, Erfurt, Ingolstadt, Mainz and Würzburg).

  11. Eintracht Frankfurt - Wikipedia

    Eintracht Frankfurt, in Frankfurt, is ae German fitbaw club, that's competin in the Fußball-Bundesliga the nou, the heichest form o competeition in Germany. The team plays aw thair hame gemmes at Deutsche Bank Park (whiles kent as Waldstadion).