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    During the war, against the wishes of its director Franz Josef Popp [citation needed], BMW concentrated on aircraft engine production using forced labor consisting primarily of prisoners from concentration camps, with motorcycles as a side line and automobile manufacture ceased altogether. BMW's factories were heavily bombed during the war and ...

  2. After the merger, BMW General Manager Franz Josef Popp and Design Director Max Friz agreed to redesign Helios to make it more salable with a completely new design. This new project, with the name BMW R32 goes into production in 1923, becoming the first motorcycle produced by BMW.

  3. During the war, against the needs of its director Franz Josef Popp, BMW targeting engine production, with motorcycles as a sideline, and automobile manufacture stopped altogether. BMW’s factories were heavily bombed during the war, and its remaining West German facilities were banned from producing automobiles or aircraft after the war.

  4. In 1931, his 137.66mph record having been smashed by Britain’s Joe Wright on a 1000cc supercharg­ed Zenith-jap at 150.73mph, Henne appealed to BMW president Franz. Josef Popp to persuade Schleicher to return, which he duly did, extracting more power from the bike with an uprated Zoller supercharg­er.

  5. Camillo castiglioni, franz josef popp, karl rapp ceo: In the world of classic cars, all roads lead to… the auction block. Even the distinction between racing cars. The most surprising aspect of this car isn't the price, but rather the fact that ferrari actually made a hybrid.

  6. The 700 model entered the production lines, together with the R69, BMW's top motorcycle line-up model. The 60's brought a multitude of achievements with the 1500 and 1600 series, as well as a ...

  7. The full form of BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke in German and Bavarian Motor Works in English. The former BMW is a German company, so you first need to know about the German name and if its name is written somewhere. So Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is written. In such a situation, the name has to be taken care of because writing in German and ...

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