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  1. Frederick V of the Palatinate - Wikipedia,_Elector_Palatine

    Frederick was born on 26 August 1596 at the Jagdschloss Deinschwang (a hunting lodge) near Amberg in the Upper Palatinate.His father, Frederick IV, was the ruler of Electoral Palatinate; his mother was Louise Juliana of Nassau, the daughter of William I of Orange and Charlotte de Bourbon-Monpensier.

  2. Once a royal residence: White Lodge, Richmond – Royal Central

    Once a royal residence: White Lodge, Richmond. ... where Richard II’s beloved queen, Anne of Bohemia, died in 1394 and later rebuilt by Henry V. ... Prince William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester ...

  3. Frederick V: from Duke of Styria to head of the dynasty | Die ...

    Frederick was the eldest of nine children born to Duke Ernst and his second wife Cymburgis of Masovia. Frederick III, statue, first quarter of 17th century As a result of the division of the lineages in the House of Habsburg, his father Duke Ernst had become sovereign of Inner Austria, ruling over Styria, Carinthia and Carniola.

  4. Fraternal strife: Emperor Frederick III versus Duke Albrecht ...

    The situation reached a crisis when the emperor was besieged in Vienna in 1462. In this war between the brothers, Frederick, the weaker of the two, received support from the King of Bohemia, George of Poděbrady, who also negotiated a settlement between the warring parties: Duke Albrecht VI was to rule for eight years in Vienna.

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  6. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor; Frederick IV, King of ...

    Ladislaus I became Duke of Austria at his birth with his mother and Frederick acting as regents. Frederick became sole regent after Ladislaus’ mother died in 1442. In 1446, Frederick was released of his duties as regent but refused to free the boy so he could extend his his own role as the king of Hungary and Bohemia.

  7. Frederick the Great - Wikipedia

    Youth. Frederick, the son of Frederick William I and his wife, Sophia Dorothea of Hanover, was born in Berlin on 24 January 1712, baptised with the single name Friedrich.The birth was welcomed by his grandfather, Frederick I, with more than usual pleasure, as his two previous grandsons had both died in infancy.

  8. Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia - Unionpedia, the concept map,_Queen_of_Bohemia

    Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia and Frederick Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg · See more » Frederick V of the Palatinate Frederick V (Friedrich V.; 26 August 1596 – 29 November 1632) was the Elector Palatine of the Rhine in the Holy Roman Empire from 1610 to 1623, and served as King of Bohemia from 1619 to 1620.

  9. Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia - Wikipedia,_Queen_of...

    Elizabeth Stuart (19 August 1596 – 13 February 1662) was Electress of the Palatinate and briefly Queen of Bohemia as the wife of Frederick V of the Palatinate.Because her husband's reign in Bohemia and Palatinate lasted for just one winter, Elizabeth is often referred to as the "Winter Queen".

  10. Albert I, King of the Romans - Wikipedia,_King_of_the_Romans

    Life. From 1273 Albert ruled as a landgrave over his father's Swabian (Further Austrian) possessions in Alsace.In 1282 his father, the first German monarch from the House of Habsburg, invested him and his younger brother Rudolf II with the duchies of Austria and Styria, which he had seized from late King Ottokar II of Bohemia and defended in the 1278 Battle on the Marchfeld.

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