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  1. Frederick Banting was born on November 14, 1891, in a farm house near Alliston, Ontario. The youngest of five children of William Thompson Banting and Margaret Grant, he attended public high school in Alliston.

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  3. 2340 - William J. Riddle - USAT; YAGR 15 Interrupter AGR 15 Tracer 0704 - William J. Worth - USAT 0736 - William James 0040 - William Johnson 2987 - William K. Kamaka 0493 - William K. Vanderbilt 1722 - William Keith 1872 - William Kelly - Completed as AK 108 Rotanin 1225 - William Kent - USAT 0206 - William King 0901 - William L. Davidson

  4. In the 1918 elections, despite the threat of Spanish flu, three additional states (Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Michigan) passed ballot initiatives to enfranchise women, and two incumbent senators (John W. Weeks of Massachusetts and Willard Saulsbury Jr. of Delaware) lost re-election campaigns due to their opposition to suffrage.

  5. On the first page of many Project Gutenberg books, you might see the following notice: Produced by Emmy, … and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at Emmy (M) Miller was a volunteer at Distributed Proofreaders, a non-profit organization that converts public domain/out-of ...

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