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  1. To help you out, this free online version of an Addiction Solitaire game kindly highlights the moveable cards for you, and you can move them by dragging or double-clicking. You can move an Addiction Solitaire card into a blank spot if follows the previous card in sequence and suit.

  2. About Addiction Solitaire. Try our newest solitaire game: a slick, free online version of Addiction Solitaire that's sure to get you... addicted! We hope you enjoy playing this free online version of Addiction Solitaire 24/7, all without getting yourself covered in green felt! Love playing Addiction Solitaire? We have over 10 other versions of ...

  3. In Pogo Addiction Solitaire HD, you work to line up all your suits in proper order, from 2 to King. Cards can be moved to any open space, provided the card you're moving is of the same suit and one rank higher than the card to the left. If you get stuck, you can use a medley of power-ups to help bring your cards in line.

  4. You could earn as much as $250,000 per year from competitive solitaire games. The first game of solitaire is believed to have been played in Scandinavia or Germany during the 18th Century - long before you could play free solitaire online! The term Klondike solitaire is named after a region of western Canada, the site of a famous gold rush.

  5. Addiction Solitaire was originally developed by GameHouse for Yahoo! Games. Strategy. The main strategy in addiction solitaire is deciding where you want to create a space (start with the leftmost column), and then figure out the required moves to create that space. Start with the card currently occupying space you want to free.

  6. Addiction Solitaire Overview Try the newest solitaire game that's sure to get you addicted! Addiction Solitaire is a free online game that tests your speed and matching skills.

  7. Addiction Solitaire After the deal, the aces are removed to create 4 blank positions. Move a card into one of these blank positions until all of the cards have been placed from 2 to King.

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