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  1. Jack stood as he rowed, and he was good with the boat. He wore a black lifeguard jacket, a World War II fatigue hat and mirror shades. His nose and lips were white with sunscreening zinc.

  2. Radon gas is one of the chemical pollutants with one of the most significant physical effects due to its impact on human health: it is a radioactive noble gas which, if inhaled, can stochastically induce lung cancer. For this reason, it is classified as a category A substance and is the second cause of cancer after tobacco smoking. The monitoring and management of indoor radon is based on ...

  3. The percentage of women MPs in the Lok Sabha had been very low between 5% and 10% till 2004. It rose marginally to 12% in 2014 and currently stands at 14% in the 18th Lok Sabha.

  4. I look around the room, regarding the pale pink walls covered with images of animals and cartoon characters and the silky curtains embroidered with flowers. In the corner, there is a big dollhouse and two huge baskets overflowing with toys. I stand up and go to the dresser across from the bed, and look at the picture frames lining its surface.

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