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    Free school movement, an American education reform movement during the 1960s and 1970s that sought to change the aims of formal schooling through alternative, independent community schools Free skool , an autonomous, nonhierarchical space intended for educational exchange and skillsharing, especially among anarchists

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    The specific rules of restricted free agency vary among the major professional sports, but in principle it means that a player is currently signed to one team but is free to solicit contract offers from other teams; however, this player cannot sign with the competing club if the current club matches (or in some leagues, comes within 10% of) the terms of the offered contract.

  3. Therefore, oxygen leaves the alveolus and enters the red blood cells. When a mammal breathes out, the opposite happens. The concentration of carbon dioxide is lower in the alveolus than in the red blood cells, so carbon dioxide leaves the red blood cells, enters the alveolus, and is exhaled. In an average human lung, there are 480 million alveoli.

  4. Comparing client-server model to the Peer to Peer model, if one server fail, clients’ requests cannot be served but in case of P2P networks, servers are usually distributed among many nodes. Even if one or more nodes fail, for example if a node failed to download a file the remaining nodes should still have the data needed to complete the ...

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