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  1. Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority (LCRAA) provides secure online access to Louisiana Land Records (mortgages and conveyances) and Louisiana Marriage Records. Create your free account to start searching today!

  2. Welcome to eClerks LA. Providing options to do business with the Louisiana Clerks of Court. Statewide Portal. FREE - Quickly locate Land Records, Marriage Licenses, and Civil Information. Search. Parish Search. Purchase subscriptions, search records, view and print images of documents. Go to Search. LCRAA. eBulletin Board.

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    Marriage records in Louisiana become available to the general public after 50 years. This means that a Louisiana Marriage Record becomes public50 years from the date it was issued. Louisiana is a “closed records” state, and public records are, usually, only available to a specified set of people. Typically, these are the parties named on the record...

    Marriage records encompass all the legal documents establishing union of two people as a couple in a family unit. Louisiana prepares marriage records for unions between men and women as well as same-sex unions. The state keeps both court and public marriage records.

    Louisiana law grants access to marriage records for interested requesters. To gain access to this, the interested party must send a request to the court's office for vital records. Alternatively, they can use third-party aggregate sites.

    Louisiana marriage records refer to legal documents that retain all the information about marriages approved in the state. In Louisiana, for marriages outside the Parish of Orleans, these Louisiana public marriage records are maintained by the Court Clerks of the various parishes where marriage licenses were issued. Copies of records for marriages ...

    The first step to performing a name change after marriage in Louisiana is locating the marriage license that certified the wedding occurred. To facilitate the name change, parties should fill out and submit an SS-5 form to the Louisiana Social Security Administration (SSA)office. The SSA typically mails new cards displaying the updated name after t...

    A Louisiana marriage certificate is a legal document that verifies that two persons are legally married in the state. Typically, a marriage license will include the following information: 1. Names of the two married individuals (including maiden names) 2. Where and when the marriage ceremony occurred 3. Name of the official who conducted the ceremo...

    In Louisiana, while a couple is applying for their marriage license, they can also pre-pay for their marriage certificate. The marriage certificate is completed by the official who performed the marriage ceremony and returned to the Office of the Clerk of the Court where the license was issued. Couples who pre-paid for their certificates will be ma...

    A Louisiana marriage license is a document that must be obtained before two persons can legally get married in the state. It represents an approval by the state for both parties, registered on the license, to enter a formal union. For a marriage to be officially recognized by the State of Louisiana, a marriage license must be obtained. Louisiana ma...

    A formal marriage license is the typical marriage license issued in Louisiana by a Court Clerk when an eligible couple files an application and satisfies all requirements.

    Common-law marriage is an arrangement between two persons wherein they live together and present themselves as a married couple to the public, despite having no legal documentation which establishes this. Louisiana does not have common-law marriage laws and a common-law marriage cannot be legally enacted in the state. However, a common-law marriage...

  4. You can search the Louisiana Birth Records Index Database and order certified copies of birth certificates for births that occurred in Louisiana more than 100 years from the end of the current calendar year. The only birth records that are currently available at the Archives prior to 1911 are from Orleans Parish. Birth records were not required ...

  5. Database with images. FamilySearch. : 8 May 2024. Parish courthouses, Louisiana. Copy Citation. Index and images of marriages recorded in Louisiana Parishes (counties).

  6. Mar 24, 2024 · (Updated March 2024) Louisiana Marriage Records. Acadia Parish Marriage Index 1886-1999. Acadia Parish Marriage Licenses 1887-1893. Acadia Parish, Marriage Indexes. Allen Parish Index to Marriages, 1913-1983; Marriage Records, 1913-1928. Ascension Parish Marriage Contracts. Ascension Parish Marriages pre-1930.

  7. Find Louisiana Marriage Records. Learn how to obtain marriage records, including marriage certificates, marriage licenses and other documents. Discover where to find free marriage records and how to locate obtain copies in Louisiana.