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  1. Event schedule. Create a five-day or five-track event schedule for a conference, convention, or training class with this schedule of events template. This event scheduling template includes room for breaks and customizable time blocks. This is an accessible schedule of events template.

    • Time Tracking Worksheet. via The Joyful Organizer. This worksheet helps you track your activities. It features a column for the estimated duration of your task, and another column for recording the actual time you spent on the activity.
    • Time Management Wheel. This editable and printable time management wheel allows you to color code your activities for the day. It features one-hour intervals on its time block.
    • 24-Hour Weekly Activity Log. via Ryan's Marketing Blog. Ever wonder where your time goes? We all have the same 24 hours each day, but how you use it is what counts.
    • Your Time Buttoned Up. This worksheet has a time-blocking feature with 30-minute intervals. The template lets you track your schedule for the whole week, from 7 am to 2 am.
  2. With exercises for children from preschool to second grade, our sequencing events worksheets will guide your students through logical reasoning to put events in order. Students will use pictures and text to rearrange events and create a logical story, map narratives, predict endings, use transition words, and practice reading comprehension in ...

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    • Event Schedule Template
    • Event Marketing Timeline Template - Excel
    • Event To-Do List Template
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    • Event Planner Contract Template
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    Download Event Planner Template Excel | PDF | Smartsheet This event plan template includes areas where you can list strategic elements such as objectives, target audience, and messaging as well as logistical details such as catering, programming, and audio-visual requirements. For each task, identify who is responsible, required actions, and deadlines. This thorough template can guide your planning process and provide a summary of tasks to accomplish during an event.

    Download Event Schedule Template Excel | Smartsheet Create an event itinerary that includes dates, locations, programming start and end times, and scheduled breaks. This simple spreadsheet is a useful tool for creating an organized event schedule that you can share with staff and attendees. You can also use this template for a single- or multi-day event, or for a conference featuring multiple speakers who will be presenting in various venue rooms.

    Download Event Marketing Timeline Template Excel | Smartsheet Marketing efforts for larger events may include national advertising, online content, public relations, and market research. This template provides a place for individual marketing campaigns along with a timeline for weekly planning. By creating a timeline for each task within a campaign, you can gauge how actions overlap, plan for significant dates, and see a visual representation of the time required for each item.

    Download Event To-Do List Template Excel | PDF Use this to-do list template to plan, prioritize, and carry out all the necessary tasks for your event. You can track the progress of each item toward completion by choosing a predetermined due date. The template includes room for additional notes or comments, which is particularly useful when sharing a to-do list.

    ‌Download Event Proposal Template - Word If you’re an events planner, having a top-notch proposal to offer potential clients could give you an edge against the competition. This template provides an outline for you to work from as you craft a personalized event management proposal. You’ll find sections for listing client needs and expenses, detailing the services you will provide, and more.

    Download Event Planner Contract Template Word | PDF An event planner contract should clearly outline the expectations of the client, the responsibilities of the event planner, the terms of the agreement, and any pertinent project details. You may also want to include a contract with your event proposal - in this case, use this template as a model for creating your own event planner contract where you can list services, terms, and other important business details. Depending on the scope of the event and the management services you’re providing, you can keep the contents of the contract brief or expand the template to include more details.

    Download Wedding Checklist Template Excel | Smartsheet Professional wedding planners and individuals getting married can benefit from an event checklist template. Wedding planning involves many moving pieces, from decorations to food and photography, so a simple checklist can make planning easier, and help identify expenses and ensure that nothing important is forgotten. Get more wedding planning tips from the pros and discover additional useful templates by reading Expert Tips on How To Create A Wedding Timeline.

    Download Event Evaluation Form Excel | PDF A post-conference evaluation can provide critical data about which elements of your event were successful and help identify areas for improvement. You can use this event evaluation for any type of event, and can customize it for internal team members or event attendees. Once you determine the information you want to collect, including which aspects of the event or planning process you want to review, simply customize the form to meet your needs.

    Download Calendar of Events 2021 Template Excel | PDF Download Calendar of Events 2022 Template Excel | PDF This template provides a calendar format with an adjacent column for listing events. The calendar displays all 12 months of the year on a single Excel sheet, making it easy to scan through months, plan ahead, and quickly view the events listed in the corresponding column. Each month is also color-coded with alternating hues for easy viewing.

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  4. Students who meticulously plan their schedule samples ahead of time are arguably more likely to achieve success in their academic and extracurricular endeavors. Writing down the schedule of exams, assignment deadlines, extracurricular activities, student conferences, and group study meetings is an effective time-management strategy.

  5. Homework schedule. Students, use this homework schedule template to organize and keep track of homework assignments for all of your classes. This homework planner outline template works great for tracking homework assignments, due dates, and various academic tasks across multiple courses.

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