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  1. Jan 24, 2023 · The best free torrent clients for 2023 (Image credit: The qBittorrent Project; Shutterstock) 1. qBittorrent A balance of speed and simplicity: the best free torrent client Operating system:...

    • Vuze Review

      Vuze torrent client review One of the best free BitTorrent...

    • qBittorent. Dubbed by its creators as an open-source software alternative to µTorrent, this torrent client is guaranteed ad-free. Even more, it packs additional features such as RSS feed support, extensions (magnet links, DHT, PEX, LSD, private torrents, encrypted connections), sequential downloading, bandwidth scheduler, IP filtering, and is compatible with Windows, Linus, macOS, FreeBSD, and OS/2.
    • Deluge. One of the oldest torrent clients developed, Deluge is still a heavy favorite among users. In fact, I’ve had no issues running it with my old laptop when I re-installed the software.
    • µTorrent. µTorrent (or uTorrent) is one of the most popular torrent downloaders available today. Users can search torrents and downloads easily, stream torrent files and magnet links, set download and upload speed limits, add more bandwidth to specific downloads, verify the total seeds available, and customize the application.
    • Vuze. This torrent downloader was designed for advanced users who want software with powerful search capabilities. Coming from the original Azureus software, Vuze features media and device playback, magnet link support, access to its torrent bundles and plug-in library, and remote control via web or mobile app.
  2. To help make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best free torrent clients. In case you’re in a hurry, these are our picks for the best free torrent clients: qBittorrent Bittorrent uTorrent BitLord Vuze Deluge Tixati BiglyBT Transmission Bitport Also, always make sure you stay safe when using a torrent client.

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    • – Editors Choice. When it comes to downloading torrents, you are basically exposing yourself to threats, and security issues as well. In many cases, you can face legal issues as well when it comes to torrents.
    • qBittorrent. If you want simplicity, speed, and features all bundled up in a great package, then qBittorrent is a great little program for you. It is geared towards PC users so macOS and Linux-system runners will need something else to run.
    • uTorrent. The gold old software that you’ve been using ever since you got to know about torrents in the first place. uTorrent is a torrent downloader’s dream and if you still have not used it then you are definitely missing out.
    • Deluge. It is extremely lean, extremely simple, and a very powerful tool for the uninitiated. So why haven’t you heard of Deluge and make this your daily driver of a torrent software?
  4. Dec 22, 2022 · uTorrent is the most loved software for downloading BitTorrent downloaders. This is small in size and managed by BitTorrent. You get features like scheduled downloading, without affecting the performance of the torrent download. Pros: Compact size saves ample space on your computer's hard disk. The scheduled download is supported. Cons:

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