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  1. 2 hours ago · Cauchy's theorem ( finite groups) Cayley–Bacharach theorem ( projective geometry) Cayley–Hamilton theorem ( Linear algebra) Cayley–Salmon theorem ( algebraic surfaces) Cayley's theorem ( group theory) Central limit theorem ( probability) Cesàro's theorem ( real analysis) Ceva's theorem ( geometry) Chasles's theorems.

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    1 day ago · Lilo & Stitch crossover. A crossover episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series and Kim Possible aired on August 26, 2005 as part of the former show's second season. Entitled "Rufus", Season 2, episode 20 features Lilo contacting Kim and Ron to help her rescue Stitch, who has been captured by Drakken and Shego in a partnership with Dr. Hamsterviel to clone Stitch for an army of obedient monsters.

    • June 7, 2002 –, September 7, 2007
    • Disney Channel
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    2 hours ago · Animaniacs is an American animated comedy musical television series created by Tom Ruegger for Fox Broadcasting Company 's Fox Kids block in 1993, before moving to The WB in 1995, as part of its Kids' WB afternoon programming block, until the series ended on November 14, 1998. [1] It is the second animated series produced by Steven Spielberg 's ...

    • September 13, 1993 –, November 14, 1998
    • Fox Kids (1993–1995), Kids' WB (1995–1998)
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    • Early Life
    • Career
    • Philanthropy
    • Drug Allegation Controversy and Departure from Ikon
    • Artistry
    • Live Performances

    Kim Han-bin was born on October 22, 1996, in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. In 2009, B.I made his first appearance by featuring and participating in promotions for MC Mong's single "Indian Boy". He also appeared in the music video for the song and had a cameo appearance in MC Mong's music video, "Horror Show". B.I joined YG Entertainmentas a trainee in ...

    2013–2014: Pre-debut activities

    After over two years of training, B.I took part on the Mnet reality survival program WIN: Who Is Next as a contestant under Team B. Because Team A won the program, B.I continued as a trainee under YG Entertainment. On May 14, 2014, it was revealed B.I and label-mate Bobby would compete in Mnet's Show Me the Money 3.During the show's run, B.I released the digital single "Be I", which he wrote and co-produced with Choice37 and became the first single from the show to top charts. He was only 17...

    2015–2019: Career with iKon and solo endeavors

    On September 15, 2015, iKon released the warm-up single "My Type", followed by lead singles "Rhythm Ta" and "Airplane". In December 2015, B.I and fellow member Jinhwan joined the cast of JTBC's Mari and I. In June 2017, B.I along with member Bobby, featured in label-mate Psy's studio album 4X2=8 on the track "Bomb". B.I also featured in Seungri's debut studio album, The Great Seungri, released on July 20, 2018, on the track "Mollado". In December 2018, B.I received the Songwriter of the Year...

    2020–present: Continued solo activities

    Despite leaving iKon and YG Entertainment in June 2019, B.I wrote and composed four of the five songs in his former group's 2020 EP I Decide, including the title track "Dive", released by YG Entertainment on February 6, 2020. On September 28, 2020, B.I was appointed as the executive director of IOK Company. On January 11, 2021, it was revealed that B.I would feature on Epik High's upcoming tenth studio album Epik High Is Here 上 (Part 1)on the song "Acceptance Speech", which was released on Ja...

    Since 2016, B.I has been privately donating to the Seungil Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to spread the awareness of ALS. The foundation revealed in 2018 that his donations had come to 30 million won thus far. In 2019, B.I donated ₩10,000,000 to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association to support the victims affected ...

    On June 12, 2019, it was revealed that B.I had allegedly attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD in 2016 from an undisclosed female dealer, and used the former. He was also accused of evading police charges. Following the reports, B.I posted an apology on his personal Instagram account. He acknowledged some of the allegations, explaining that he wa...

    Musical style

    B.I's music is generally hip hop, although he incorporates R&B, pop, soul, and acoustic into his songs as well.In 2018, B.I discussed the process behind his songwriting, admitting, "Because I don't have much experience, I typically draw a lot of my inspiration from movies or dramas. I'm also the type to draw inspiration from things like poetry". He explained that it was a way of "making up for things I'm unable to experience or feel for myself". When asked what type of music he wanted to make...


    B.I is credited with writing and composing all the songs in his debut studio album Waterfall, second album Cosmos, and his first single album Midnight Blue (Love Streaming),which he released as a solo artist through 131 Label and IOK Music. B.I was the leader of the K-pop group iKon, and was credited with the production and songwriting for all the releases under the group. These include the group's full-length studio albums Welcome Back and Return; compilation album The New Kids; and singles...


    1. B.I 2022 All Day Show [L.O.L: The Hidden Stage], Seoul(December 10, 2022) – Night Show

    Online Concerts

    1. 131 Live Presents: B.I First Online Concert (October 3, 2021) 2. 131 Live Presents: BTBT Performance Online Fancon (June 26, 2022)

    Fan Meetings

    1. B.I 1st Fan Meeting [B.I Offline] 1. Seoul(April 30, 2022) – two shows 2. Singapore(August 7, 2022) 3. Bangkok(August 21, 2022) 4. Manila(August 27, 2022) – two shows 1. B.I 2022 All Day Show [L.O.L: The Hidden Stage], Seoul (December 10, 2022) – Day Show

  5. 2 hours ago · August 10 – Oklahoma (1 death) August 19 – Wisconsin (1 death) November 16 – North Carolina (2 deaths) November 16 – South Carolina (3 deaths) Total fatalities: 553. An ongoing outbreak at the end of 2010 continued into the first three hours of 2011. During that period seven tornadoes touched down in Mississippi.

    • ~$26.54 billion (Record costliest)
    • 1,705
    • January 1 – December 22, 2011
    • EF5 tornado6 locations, on 3 different days
  6. 2 hours ago · Puss in Boots, or simply Puss, is a fictional recurring character in the Shrek franchise. He made his first appearance in the film Shrek 2 (2004), soon becoming Shrek 's partner and helper (alongside Donkey ). In the film Shrek the Third (2007), Puss helps Shrek find the heir to the throne of the Far Far Away Kingdom.

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