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  1. FreeBSD - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system descended from the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), which was based on Research Unix.The first version of FreeBSD was released in 1993.

    • The FreeBSD Project
    • 12.2 (27 October 2020; 30 days ago) [±], 11.4 (16 June 2020; 5 months ago) [±]
    • 1 November 1993; 27 years ago
    • Unix-like
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  3. Kodi (software) - Wikipedia

    9 hours ago · Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

  4. MediaWiki - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki engine. It was developed for use on Wikipedia in 2002, and given the name "MediaWiki" in 2003. It remains in use on Wikipedia and almost all other Wikimedia websites, including Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata; these sites continue to define a large part of the requirement set for MediaWiki.

    • January 25, 2002; 18 years ago
    • GPLv2+
  5. Graphics software - Wikipedia

    9 hours ago · In computer graphics, graphics software refers to a program or collection of programs that enable a person to manipulate images or models visually on a computer.. Computer graphics can be classified into distinct categories: raster graphics and vector graphics, with further 2D and 3D variants.

  6. Telegram (software) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging (IM) software and application service. The service also provides end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features.

  7. Free and open-source software - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    1 day ago · Free and open source software (for short: FOSS, means free software and/or open source software) is software whose source code is open and available to anyone who wishes to: improve it, study it, modify it, and; share the original and the modifications with others.

  8. Epiphany (software) - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    1 day ago · Epiphany is a Web browser for GNOME.It is also available for Mac OS X and was made from Galeon.. It uses the Gecko layout engine from the Mozilla project to show web pages; however, the Epiphany developers have a new but less stable version of Epiphany 2.21.4 using the WebKit engine instead of Gecko.

  9. Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Release iniziale: Windows 1.0 (1.01) (30 luglio 1985) : Release corrente: Windows 10 (8 dicembre 2020, 20H2 RTM, Build 19042.685) : Tipo di kernel

  10. Daemon (computer software) - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...

    1 day ago · Other websites. start-stop-daemon man page Archived 2008-12-07 at the Wayback Machine (Debian package); Tutorial: Unix Daemons in Perl Archived 2005-12-23 at the Wayback Machine ...

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