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    Freiberg is a university and former mining town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. It is a so-called Große Kreisstadt (large county town) and the administrative centre of Mittelsachsen district.

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    Freiberg (i.e. free mountain) is a town in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, capital of the Freiberg Rural District.. The town was founded in 1186, and has been a centre of the mining industry in the Ore Mountains for centuries.

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    • Sven Krüger (SPD)
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  4. Freiberg Germany Temple - Wikipedia

    The Freiberg Germany Temple (formerly the Freiberg GDR Temple) is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), located in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany. The church announced the temple in October 1982, ground was broken for construction on April 23, 1983, and the temple was dedicated on June 29 and June 30, 1985.

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    Freiberg (German for "free moontain") is a varsity an minin toun in the Free State o Saxony, Germany. Internaitional relations Twin touns—Sister ceeties. Freiberg is twinned wi: Wałbrzych, Poland (syne 26 Juin 1991) Darmstadt, Germany (syne 1990) Delft, Netherlands; Ness Ziona, Israel

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    Freiberg (district), Saxony, Germany Freiberg am Neckar, a town in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Freiberg subcamp, a subcamp of Flossenbürg concentration camp in Freiberg, Saxony Freiberg in Moravia, a German exonym for Příbor, Czech Republic

  7. Freiberg Cathedral - Wikipedia

    Freiberg Cathedral seen from the Untermarkt The Freiberg Cathedral or Cathedral of St Mary (German: Dom St. Marien) is a church of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Saxony in Freiberg in Saxony.

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    The Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (usually translated from German as Freiberg University of Mining and Technology or Freiberg Mining Academy, University of Technology) is a German university of technology with about 4,300 students in the city of Freiberg, Saxony.

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    In Freiberg in December 1943, preparations began for a subcamp of KZ Flossenbürg to house an outside detail at the Arado Flugzeugwerke (Arado Aircraft Factory). The planning and construction of this housing subcamp is a clear example of the collaboration between the armaments industry, the SS , and the Ministry of Armaments.

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    Saxony has a long history as a duchy, an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire (the Electorate of Saxony), and finally as a kingdom (the Kingdom of Saxony).In 1918, after Germany's defeat in World War I, its monarchy was overthrown and a republican form of government was established under the current name.

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