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  1. The first French house experiments were received by the UK dance music press and European DJ's in the mid-1990s but major commercial success did not occur until 1997. Daft Punk , Cassius and, later, Stardust were the first internationally successful artists of the genre.

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  3. French house - Wikipedia › wiki › French_house

    The first French house experiments were received by the UK dance music press and European DJ's in the mid-1990s but major commercial success did not occur until 1997. Daft Punk , Cassius and, later, Stardust were the first internationally successful artists of the genre.

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    Browse the top french house artists to find new music. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks you'll love.

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    This is a list of artists who have been involved with house music, a genre of electronic dance music. This includes artists who have either been very important to the house music genre or have had a considerable amount of exposure (such as in the case of one who has been on a major label). This list does not include little-known local artists. Groups are listed by the first letter in the group ...

  6. Best French House Songs Ever (Updated 2019) | Billboard ... › best-french-house-songs

    The 35 Best French House Songs Ever Iconic French duo Justice are responsible for delivering some of dance music's classics, such as "Genesis," "Civilization" and several others.

  7. Here are the Top 10 French Disco Songs › french-disco-an
    • Cerrone – “Supernature” – 1977
    • Ottawan – “D.I.S.C.O” – 1980
    • Patrick Juvet – “I Love America” – 1978
    • Black Blood – “AIE A Mwana” – 1975
    • Sheila and B. Devotion – “Spacer” – 1979
    • Plastic Bertrand – “Tout Petit La Planete” – 1978
    • Space – “Magic Fly” – 1977
    • Amanda Lear – “Queen of Chinatown” – 1977
    • Claude François – “Alexandrie, Alexandra” – 1978
    • The Village People – “Y.M.C.A” – 1978

    The ItaloFrench electro producer Marc Cerrone has been hugely influential since the 70s, inspiring such artists as Lindstøm, LCD Soundsystem, Goldfrapp, and Todd Terje. He recently released a remix of African music legend Manu Dibango’s 1972 track, “Soul Makossa”, which you can listen to on Pitchfork. The video and music for “Love in C Minor” is also fabulous, in the way that only the 70s can be.

    You just need to watch this funky video to see what we mean about “Space Disco.” Get ready to funk to this song by the French group Ottawan, formed in 1979 and fronted by Annette. “D.I.S.C.O” hit number 2 on the UK charts. The French-Israeli band The Young Professionals also found success with a cover of the song in 2012.

    Swiss-born model Patrick Juvet, who wrote hits for tragic 70s French heartthrob Claude François, had a great head of hair and loved America.

    Written by Daniel Vangarde, who also wrote “D.I.S.C.O” and is the father of Thomas Bangalter (1/2 of Daft Punk), “Aie a Mwana” was recorded with predominantly Swahili lyrics in 1975 by Belgian recording group Black Blood.

    Led by the massively-popular, 60s era French yé-yé singer Sheila from 1977 to 1980, Sheila and B. Devotion would collaborate with Nile Rodgers (of Chic and later Daft-Punk-collab. fame) to create the wonderfully campy disco dancer, “Spacer”.

    There’s an interesting pattern of French and francophone songs from this period obsessing over outer-space. “Tout Petit La Planete” is a dark and stormy, but heavy-hitting track from the this Belgian musician who gave us “Ça Plane Pour Moi“.

    Pioneers of Space Disco, Space were a band from Marseille that preceded the French founders of electro music. “Magic Fly” would hit #1 around the world after its release in 1977.

    A song that, in all its delicious flamboyance and culturally questionable posturing, might not fly today, is a titillating disco artifact that reached #2 in Germany for the multi-talented lyricist, singer, painter, model, and actress Amanda Lear. The singer’s background and formative years make for as intriguing a story as the main character in “The Queen of Chinatown”.

    Has anyone lived until they’ve seen Claude François and ensemble shake their booty in what let’s call “70s period costume?” Didn’t think so.

    Yes, the Village People are, as everyone knows, from the US. But did you know they were founded by two French producers looking to target gay audiences? Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo.

  8. Top 11 French Songs of the Nineties - Coucou French Classes › top-french-songs-nineties

    Jun 21, 2019 · In the 1990s, French president Jacques Chirac announced that la chanson française was part of the nation’s patrimony and needed to be protected. At the time, many popular radio stations were almost exclusively broadcasting English-language music.

  9. Artists from France - Record Reviews, Streaming Songs, Genres ... › birthplace › france-mz0000002471

    Electronic, Pop/Rock, Alternative Dance, Alternative/Indie Rock, French House, House Brigitte Fontaine 1970s - 2020s

    Genre & Styles
    2000s - 2010s
    Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
    1990s - 2020s
    Classical, Choral, Vocal Music
    2000s - 2010s
    Electronic, Club/Dance, Tech-House, Techno
    International, Worldbeat, African Traditions, Afro-Pop, Middle Eastern Pop, Middle Eastern Traditions
  10. Top 100 Artists Of The 90's - › top-100-artists-of-the-90s

    Top 100 Artists of the 90s. 1. Nirvana. 2. Pearl Jam. 3. Radiohead. 4. 2Pac. 5.

    • Your Love’ – Frankie Knuckles / Jamie Principle. First recorded by Jamie Principle (hailing from – you've guessed it – Chicago), the ‘Godfather of House’ Frankie Knuckles made the track famous with his slightly punchier version, still featuring Principle.
    • No Way Back’ – Adonis. The mechanical, acidic take on house that Adonis perfected on ‘No Way Back’ in 1986 mixed retro-futurism with the spirit and soul of classic Chicago house, retaining more than enough funk in its lifeblood to fill any dancefloor.
    • Mystery of Love’ – Fingers Inc. Chicago-based production/vocal outfit Fingers Inc. may only have been active for a few years in the mid-’80s, but they released some undisputed gold during that time.
    • French Kiss’ – Lil’ Louis. This number from Chicago’s Lil’ Louis was one of the first house tracks to enjoy both considerable commercial success and heavy club airplay on its release.
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