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  1. Compare DNA and explore genealogy for Albrecht (Hohenzollern) von Hohenzollern born 1672 Schloss Berlin, , Brandenburg, Germany died 1731 Schloss Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany including ancestors + descendants + 1 photos + 1 genealogist comments + Y-chromosome DNA + more in the free family tree community.

  2. Prussian Royalty. Born by the name of Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht in Königsberg, where his parents, King Friedrich Wilhelm III. and Queen Luise lived in Exile. His mother died the following year. In 1819 he joined the Prussian army and became general of the cavalry in 1852. He commanded the cavalry during the wars of...

  3. Friedrich (Hohenzollern) von Brandenburg (1371-1440 ...

    May 04, 2019 · Von Brandenburg-20 and Hohenzollern-47 appear to represent the same person because: They are the same person - Hohenzollern is the better Last Name at Birth, as the European Aristocrats naming standards preclude 'presurnames' such as Von


    Bernhard III Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht Georg . von Sachsen Meiningenvon Hohenzollern) 1851 - 1928

  5. Guglielmo II di Germania - Wikipedia

    Guglielmo II di Germania e Prussia (in tedesco: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht von Hohenzollern; Berlino, 27 gennaio 1859 – Doorn, 4 giugno 1941) è stato il terzo e ultimo imperatore tedesco (in tedesco: Deutscher Kaiser) e il nono e ultimo re di Prussia (in tedesco: König von Preußen).

  6. Albrecht von Hohenzollern – Vikipeedia

    Albrecht von Hohenzollern (ka Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach; 16. mai 1490 Ansbach – 20. märts 1568 Tapiau) oli Saksa ordu kõrgmeister aastatel 1511–1525 ja seejärel Poola vasallina sekulariseeritud Preisimaa esimene hertsog Albrecht I nime all.

  7. Hohenzollern Part 4

    HOHENZOLLERN . Part 4 . Friedrich IV Gf von Zollern, Bggf von Nürnberg (see Part 1) had issue: 1a) Friedrich V Gf von Zollern (d.Burg Hohenzollern 24 May 1289; bur Kl Stetten); 13 Jan 1258 Udilhild ( a nun at Stetten after 1289, bur there), dau of Hartmann Gf von Dillingen

  8. Hohenzollern

    PART 2: HOHENZOLLERN-SIGMARINGEN . The present members of this family bear the title Prince[ss] von Hohenzollern (Serene Highness). KARL Anton Friedrich Meinrad Fidelis, Fst von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 17 Oct 1831, abdicated in favor of his son 27 Aug 1848 (Sigmaringen 20 Feb 1785-Sigmaringen 11 Mar 1853; bur Hedingen); m.1 st Paris 4 Feb 1808 Antoinette Pss Murat (Cahors 5 Jan 1793 ...

  9. Albrecht von Preußen (1809–1872) – Wikipediaßen_(1809...

    Albrecht Prinz von Preußen (* 4.Oktober 1809 in Königsberg; † 14. Oktober 1872 in Berlin; vollständiger Name Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht Prinz von Preußen) war der jüngste Bruder von König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. von Preußen, Kaiser Wilhelm I., der russischen Zarin Alexandra Fjodorowna und der Großherzogin Alexandrine zu Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

  10. Stammliste der Hohenzollern – Wikipedia

    Albrecht Prinz von Hohenzollern (1898–1977) ⚭ Ilse Margot von Friedeburg (1901–1988), Tochter von Friedrich von Friedeburg (1866–1933), preuß. General General Josephine (1922–2006) ⚭ Graf Harald von Posadowsky-Wehner (1910–1990)

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