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  1. Philosophy | Friedrich Nietzsche

    Friedrich Nietzsche Philosophy. Friedrich Nietzsche was a man who pondered about various aspects of society. He had a viewpoint on generally all parts of society and what makes it tick. One of his major theories revolved around the idea of ‘God is dead’, a claim he emphatically made in his theories.

  2. Friedrich Nietzsche -

    Nietzsche was born in 1844 in the Prussian province of Saxony. His father was Carl Ludwig, a Lutheran pastor and teacher. He died in 1900 at the age of 56 insane and infected with syphilis. His attempt to expose the motives of Western religion and philosophy sent a clear and blunt message to theologians, philosophers, psychologists, and all ...

  3. Friedrich Nietzsche | Eighteenth-century philosophy

    Eighteenth-century philosophy; Look Inside . Friedrich Nietzsche A Philosophical Biography. $42.00 ( ) USD. Author: Julian Young, Wake Forest University, North Carolina;

  4. Friedrich Nietzsche philosophy - Age-of-the-Sage

    Friedrich Nietzsche quotes from Ecce Homo and Thus Spake Zarathustra Between the very many interventions of his sister Elisabeth and also given the misrepresentations of his work that are associated with the Nazi Era it is difficult to get a true picture of Friedrich Nietzsche and his philosophical legacy.

  5. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900): Study Guide | SparkNotes

    Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 and was the author of Beyond Good and Evil, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and more. Summary Read a brief overview of the philosopher, or longer summaries of major works!!

  6. Nietzsche’s Life and Works - Stanford Encyclopedia of ...

    May 30, 1997 · Nietzsche Contra Wagner, Out of the Files of a Psychologist (Nietzsche contra Wagner, Aktenstücke eines Psychologen, December 1888) is a short, but classic, selection of passages Nietzsche extracted from his 1878–1887 published works. Many concern Wagner, but the excerpts serve mostly as a foil for Nietzsche to express his own views against ...

  7. Friedrich Nietzsche: 2 Principles For Becoming Who You Are ...

    Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher and self-proclaimed doctor of modernity is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary thinkers in Western philosophy. He did exceptionally well at school.

  8. Friedrich Nietzsche's Religion and Political Views ...

    Oct 20, 2012 · However, Nietzsche wasn’t an anti-semite 10 and by the end of his life, in his “madness,” he was calling upon all of Europe to attack Germany. 11. Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the most interesting, controversial and possibly clearest thinkers in western history. His philosophy still attracts adherents and the curious to this day.

  9. What is a simple explanation of Nietzsche's ideas and ...

    Jun 26, 2016 · One of Nietzsche's most compelling theories includes an investigation of what he calls slave morality. Slave morality rises forcefully with Constantinople (here you have the combination of imperialism with the Christian power of Constantine).

  10. Nietzsche's Idea of Eternal Recurrence - ThoughtCo

    Feb 12, 2020 · One notable exception is found in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900), a 19th-century German thinker who was known for his unconventional approach to philosophy. One of Nietzsche's most famous ideas is that of eternal recurrence, which appears in the penultimate section of his book The Gay Science.

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