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    • Papaya Fruit: The fruit of Carica papaya plant is called papaya fruit. It originated in Southern Mexico and Central America.
    • Passion Fruit: Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is nutritious. Both the flesh and seeds are edible of passion fruit.
    • Peach Fruit: Peach is a stone fruit that is both soft and juicy, from a peach tree. Peaches were first cultivated in China.
    • Peach Palm Fruit: Peach palm is a triangle-shaped fruit that is hanged around the top of palm trees. The fruit is found in all over South and Central America.
  1. The Ponkan is a citrus fruit, as large as an orange, that is considered to be a hybrid between a mandarin and a pomelo. It is popularly found in China, Japan, Brazil, and the US. People describe it as being incredibly tasty and refreshing. Prickly Pear The prickly pear isn’t simply a pear with spikes on it, making it prickly.

    • Pacific Rose Apple. It is not surprising that our list begins with an apple variant as there are around 30,000 variants grown worldwide with 2,500 of these grown in the USA.
    • Palestinian Sweet Limes. Palestinian Sweet Limes are noteworthy for being less sour than most limes as they are simply less acidic giving them a sweeter tangy flavor.
    • Papaya. Papaya originated in Central America likely millennia ago, but today India is the world’s leading grower of this super healthy fruit. While we can’t substantiate the claims, there is evidence that this nutrient dense fruit aides in digestion, diabetes control, heart disease, and possibly cancer prevention.
    • Parsonage Pears. Parsonage Pears were introduced in New York in 1857 on the parsonage of a Reverend Morgan. They are a larger pear sometimes said to be gritty.
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  3. These are the fruits that begin with P. Pineapple (also known as Ananas comosus) Pumpkin Persimmon (also known as Diospyros kaki) Papaya (also known as Carica papaya) Pond apple (also known as Annona glabra) Pequi (also known as Caryocar brasiliense) Plumcot Pomelo (also known as Citrus maxima) Pulasan (also known as Nephelium mutabile)

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    • Papaya. Here’s one that you might have heard of, or maybe not? A Papaya is a fruit with a golden deep orange color that originates from South America. The flavor of the flesh isn’t particularly strong, but it is very sweet.
    • Paw Paw. What do you get if you cross a banana and a mango? Well, from a flavor point of view, you are probably thinking of a Paw Paw. These tubular green shaped fruits have to be cut open to get to the delicious yellow flesh beneath.
    • Pear. Ok, so this one is obvious, but we had to include it on our list. Pears actually come in many different varieties, from the sweet and powdery store-bought version to the drier and crunchy perry pear.
    • Plum. Speaking of variety, plums sit high on the list. The best time to eat plums is towards the end of the summer when they have had the chance to ripen, and their flesh is juicy and sweet.
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